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Secure Element Mobile Service Kit Training

GlobalPlatform has launched a Secure Element Mobile Service Kit in response to the latest industry demands and developments. The Secure Element Mobile Service Kit provides the tools required by implementers to create and test secure applications. The course is presented in a hands-on manner with a number of interactive workshops with the instructors.

Course Description

Prerequisites and Preparations for the training

Students should be familiar with:

  • Java Card / Smart Card programming
  • Eclipse Integrated Development Environment

Students should bring the following to the training to participate in the workshops:

  • A development computer with Administrator access, Windows preferred
    • IzyNFC ADK
    • JDK = 1.7
    • Android studio 1.4 / Eclipse with SDK bundle
    • Maven 3
  • NFC mobile phone
    • Lollipop 5.0 or greater

Two-day classroom training

  • Overview of the Secure Element Mobile Service Kit
    • Architecture
    • Secure Element Mobile Service Kit Accessories
    • System Requirements
  • Cardlet Development
    • Developing a Secure Element application (Cardlet)
      • Cardlet Architecture
      • Developing Cardlet in IZYNFC development tool
    • Secure Element Utility
      • Features Introduction
      • Generating APDUs
    • Installing Cardlet onto the Secure Element
    • Practical Exercises
      • Read Secure Element information
      • Remove a Cardlet
      • Install a Cardlet
    • Developing a Mobile Application to access the Secure Element
      • Mobile Application Architecture
      • Application and Secure Element communications
      • Triggering Remote (Cloud) Communication to the Secure Element
      • Mobile Application Communication with a Point of Service
      • Using the Point of Service Simulator
    • Remote Admin Server
      • Remote Commands to the Cardlet
      • Remote Commands to the Mobile Application
    • Practice Work
      • Modify Default Value
      • Cardlet Personalization
  • The sessions will be delivered in English by a FIME instructor.
  • The session is open to GlobalPlatform members and non- members.
  • To provide a dynamic learning environment, the sessions will be limited to a maximum of 10 students.
  • GlobalPlatform members – US $1,995
  • Non-members – US $2,495
  • In the event of class cancellation for any reason, GlobalPlatform will be responsible for the reimbursement of the class registration fee only.