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GlobalPlatform Online Training

Designed to complement our instructor-led sessions, the online training program is designed to improve students’ industry knowledge of the function, capability and flexibility of the organization’s Card Specification and its various Amendments and Configurations, while allowing students to move through the curriculum at a pace, time and location of their choosing. The program provides an introduction to key Card Specification topics including secure channels, security domains, remote application loading, management models, application programming interfaces and GlobalPlatform for mobile contactless services.

How long does it take to complete the online training course?

Students are given a 10 week period to complete the 5 hours of ‘seat time’ required to complete the course.

Who can register to take the course?

The online card training is open to both GlobalPlatform members and non-members. It will be of interest to service providers, software developers, device manufacturers, platform providers and anyone else interested in utilizing the GlobalPlatform Card Specifications.


Limited time fee reduction
Register for the online training by 30 April 2017 for special rate:

  • US$199 for GlobalPlatform members
  • US$399 for non-members

After 30 April 2017 standard program fees apply:

  • US$795 for GlobalPlatform members
  • US$995 for non-members

Register now!

Parties interested in registering for the online training course can click here. Upon successfully registering, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to access the online training platform and begin the program.

Course Content

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Introduction
    • Why the secure chip industry needs standardization at different levels
  • GlobalPlatform Organization
    • Understand GlobalPlatform’s mission and vision
    • Explanation of the specification creation process
    • Introduction to the card specification amendments
  • Specifications, Amendments and Configurations
    • Descriptions of the card specification, each of the amendments and the configuration documents
    • GlobalPlatform’s technical responses to business cases
  • Card Specification Basics
    • Defining content management on a secure element
    • Describing the roles defined by GlobalPlatform
    • Identifying the functions of each role
  • Management Models
    • Pre-issuance and post-issuance card content management
    • Card content management models
      • Issuer centric model
      • Delegated management model
      • Dual management model
    • Data Authentication Pattern (DAP)
    • Mandated DAP
  • GlobalPlatform and Security
    • Basics of common cryptography
    • Secure channel protocols
    • Confidential key loading
    • Role of a controlling authority in confidential card content management
  • GlobalPlatform Components
    • Components of a GlobalPlatform secure element
    • Loading and installing an application on a GlobalPlatform secure element
    • Features of the Open Platform Environment (OPEN)
    • Security domains for a GlobalPlatform secure element
  • Remote Loading of an Application
    • Presenting three use cases to help learn:
      • The terminology related to loading an application on a secure element
      • How to identify the most convenient secure channel protocol for a secure element
      • How to load, install and personalize an application
  • Workshop on Remote Loading
    • Step by step guide to designing the SSD hierarchy and security features of a GlobalPlatform secure element, depending on the content and form factor
      • Card workshop with 4 activities
      • UICC workshop with 5 activities
      • Embedded secure element workshop with 4 activities
      • Smart microSD workshop with 3 activities
  • Mobile Contactless
    • Examples of mobile contactless services
    • Contactless standards
    • Specifications provided by Amendment C for contactless services
    • Explanation of how a mobile wallet interface works
  • Introduction to Device and System Specifications
    • Device specification description
      • Purpose of the trusted execution environment (TEE)
    • System messaging specification description
      • Use of the specification to simplify / ease service deployment
  • Assessment
    • 30 question assessment to test student understanding of the online card specifications training course
    • Certificate of Achievement issued upon scoring 80% or greater

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"...extremely helpful...I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good foundation in the GlobalPlatform Card Specification."

Past delegate, Proxama Limited

"The trainer was outstanding; extremely knowledgeable and kept attention well. He did a good job reducing complex and technically challenging concepts for a less informed audience."

Past delegate, Exponent

If you would like further information regarding the GlobalPlatform Card Technology Training Program, please contact the secretariat.