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Training Content

GlobalPlatform will work with clients implementing the training to customize the offering to meet individual business needs.

Outlined below are example agendas of GlobalPlatform’s Card Technology two-day training program and one-day Contactless training program.

Card Technology

Day 1

  • GlobalPlatform overview of card, device and systems technology
  • GlobalPlatform definitions - including roles, responsibilities and recognized business models
  • Detailed explanation of GlobalPlatform Card Specification - including secure channels, security domains and application programming interfaces
  • Detailed explanation of Card Specification v2.2 Amendment A - Confidential Card Content Management and main use cases
  • Detailed explanation of Card Specifications v2.2 Amendment B – remote application management over HTTP
  • Detailed explanation of Card Specifications v2.2 Amendment D – Secure Channel Protocol (SCP) 03 alignment for key management systems

Day 2

  • Detailed explanation of Card Specification v2.2 Amendment E – Security Upgrade for Card Content Management
  • GlobalPlatform Card Configuration overview - including GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.1.1 Mapping Guidelines and the UICC Configuration.
  • Examples of card structure and deployment model supported by a UICC Configuration
  • Introduction to Card Specifications v2.2 Amendment C – Contactless services technology (Detailed Amendment C is covered by Contactless Training)
  • Card Compliance Program overview
  • Introduction to GlobalPlatform Card Networked Framework v1.0
  • Systems technology update -GlobalPlatform Messaging Specification and trusted service manager (TSM) extension, Smart Card Management System and Profile and Scripting.


  • Mobile Equipment Architecture
    • Contactless technology in mobile (14443, NFC IP1&2, NFC Forum, HCI/SWP, NCI overviews)
    • Different secure element (SE) architectures
      • SE, UICC and smart microSD
  • Mobile Wallet and Service Provider GUI, design and functionalities
    • UI-SE communication principles : Open Mobile API overview
    • Amendment C
    • SE Access Control
  • SD Management extension
  • Amendment E-Scenario 3
  • SE Configuration overview
    • UICC Configuration
    • SE Configuration (upon availability)
  • TSM messaging
    • TSM and other off-card systems roles
    • Main processes supported in 1.0 (UICC centric)
      • Service Eligibility
      • Service Installation (including Amendment C and Access Control mechanisms description)
      • Service life-cycle management
        • Lost&stolen process
        • Change of handset/USIM
      • Service termination
    • Use case workshop (white board exercise)
      • Illustrate usage of GlobalPlatform messages for a given process and for a defined business model

*This is a guideline – all courses are customized to meet specific client requirements.*

"...extremely helpful...I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good foundation in the GlobalPlatform Card Specification."

Past delegate, Proxama Limited

"The trainer was outstanding; extremely knowledgeable and kept attention well. He did a good job reducing complex and technically challenging concepts for a less informed audience."

Past delegate, Exponent

If you would like further information regarding the GlobalPlatform Card Technology Training Program, please contact the secretariat.