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Instructor-led: In-house Training

GlobalPlatform's card technology and contactless training sessions are both available as client-focused training programs which are available to GlobalPlatform members and non-members. The sessions are customized to ensure that they uniquely meet an organization's business needs and are directly applicable to its products and services.

The card technology training program consists of four main parts:

  • Introduction to GlobalPlatform's role within the industry and its work to standardize the management of applications on secure chip technology
  • Overview of the association's suite of specifications across card, device and systems
  • Detailed understanding of GlobalPlatform's core secure chip technology and its significance within the marketplace
  • Thorough training on the specific elements of GlobalPlatform secure chip technology relevant to the client.

The contactless training program consists of:

  • An introduction to the role of GlobalPlatform Specifications in relation to contactless-enabled services on mobile platforms.
  • An overview of the SE architectures (UICC, embeddedSE and smart microSD).
  • A detailed explanation of how GlobalPlatform’s Specifications support the mobile wallet, trusted service manager (TSM) messaging and secure element management.
  • Training on GlobalPlatform’s SE Configurations.

Depending on content, the training takes place over one, two or three days, and can be delivered in any location globally.

"...extremely helpful...I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good foundation in the GlobalPlatform Card Specification."

Past delegate, Proxama Limited

"The trainer was outstanding; extremely knowledgeable and kept attention well. He did a good job reducing complex and technically challenging concepts for a less informed audience."

Past delegate, Exponent

If you would like further information regarding the GlobalPlatform Card Technology Training Program, please contact the secretariat.