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Industry Benefits of the Scheme

  • Product vendors. By evaluating prototype products as part of the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Certification Scheme, vendors can demonstrate that their products are working effectively and that they align with the security requirement of the marketplace. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and service providers can then visit the GlobalPlatform website to source products that have been thoroughly evaluated in line with the TEE Protection Profile.

  • OEM. These manufacturers not only want to know that the prototype that they are seeking to integrate aligns with industry requirements, they also benefit from participation when undertaking a final certification on their implementation of the technology.

  • Test laboratories. This new program opens up a new revenue stream for security laboratories. Participating in the program as an accredited test laboratory allows testing providers to deliver an effective and beneficial third-party validation service to manufacturers and OEMs.

  • Market bodies / service providers. When deciding on whether to deploy applications to a particular device, it is essential that a thoroughly evaluated ecosystem is in place. Market participants will then be able to rely on the certification 'stamp' when they are seeking to deploy services.