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GlobalPlatform Device Technology – TMF: Asymmetric Cryptography Security Layer
This document specifies a security mechanism, which can be used in the context of the TEE Management Framework for the realization of the Security Layer (see TEE Management Framework (GPD_SPE_120) section 7.2).

This mechanism is based on asymmetric cryptography aiming to provide Perfect Forward Secrecy as defined in Canetti and Krawczyk [CK01].

Once the session keys have been derived, the secure channel follows the same pattern as Symmetric Cryptography Security Layer (GPD_SPE_121). It is intended that an implementation that offers both Security Layers will be able to reuse code.

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Public Review Ends: 03 March 2017

GlobalPlatform Card Secure Channel Protocol '11' Card Specification v2.3 – Amendment F v1.0.0.6 (toward v1.1)
This update of Secure Channel Protocol '11' introduces the management of several CAs as well as the concept of a subordinate Key Authority (KA) to which a CA may delegate the diversification of keys and certificates. This concept applies to both CA-KLCC and CA-KLOC roles and is optionally supported by a Security Domain implementing the SCP11 protocol.

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Public Review Ends: 17 February 2017

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