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Security Informative Note #1 - SCP02 Usage Recommendation - April 2018
GlobalPlatform Security Task Force releases Informative Note on deprecation of Secure Channel Protocol 02 (SCP02).

GlobalPlatform Root of Trust Definitions and Requirements - March 2017
The aim of this document is to provide definitions and requirements for the GlobalPlatform Root of Trust. It is intended for use by GlobalPlatform Task Forces and Committees specifying the Root of Trust mechanism.

GlobalPlatform Government Task Force Privacy Framework Requirements v1.0 - January 2013
This document discusses requirements for enhancing GlobalPlatform card specifications to support privacy as required for markets (including government) and mandated by various countries. It is intended primarily for the use of GlobalPlatform members developing GlobalPlatform specifications; for instance, for use by the Card Committee''s Card Specification Working Group when defining additional features to enable privacy sensitive applications on GlobalPlatform cards. Additionally, it may provide representatives of government agencies with information about what can be expected from GlobalPlatform cards in future in respect to privacy.

GlobalPlatform's Requirements for NFC Mobile: Management of Multiple Secure Elements – February 2010
In the near future, NFC contactless enabled mobile phones are expected to become ubiquitous. They will act as payment cards, transportation tickets, loyalty cards, access control badges and offer many other contactless services. Several pilots are already in progress worldwide but these are typically in closed environments, or limited in scope and the number of players involved. The GlobalPlatform Mobile Task Force decided to analyze potential implications of managing multiple secure elements in the same handset. This document details the findings of this investigation.