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GlobalPlatform Star Awards

Each year, GlobalPlatform recognizes truly exemplary Member participants through its annual Star Awards program. GlobalPlatform Stars are awarded to those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the organization by achieving the objectives of the Technical Committee or Task Force they represent. These individuals also bring forth enthusiasm and dedication in driving GlobalPlatform's work efforts forward over the year.

Through the Star Awards program, individuals are recognized in a specific category of achievement, such as:

  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Making It Happen
  • Leadership
  • Going the extra mile

Star Award recipients are announced and presented during GlobalPlatform's Annual All Member Meeting, held in Paris each November.

Congratulations to the 2016 GlobalPlatform Stars:

Card Committee Nominee: Laurence Bringer, Gemalto – “Going the Extra Mile” category

Ms. Bringer took it upon herself to write most of the Managing Entity specification, and included an additional step in the resolution of comments from the Member Review. Her efforts to preserve the specification integrity were outstanding, and allowed the working group to concentrate on the technical topics during the meetings. She worked late in the evenings and weekends over a long period of time to have the slides and the specification ready in time for public review.

Card Committee Nominee: Gary Hemmings, MasterCard – “Collaboration & Teamwork” category

Mr. Hemmings has been an active contributor to the Card Security Working Group, always engaging in discussions in the most positive and constructive manner. For several years, he has provided his expertise on security in the banking market, which has been invaluable to the working group and its efforts.

Device Committee Nominee: Michel Beziat, Gemalto – “Making It Happen” category

Mr. Beziat exhibited firm persistence in the face of the seemingly endless task of pushing the TEE-equivalent of the GlobalPlatform Card Specification into its first release. His ability to manage this massive document, which has been ongoing since March of 2012, has been critical to achieving its imminent release.

Device Committee Nominee: Mike Parsel, Sprint – “Going the Extra Mile” category

Mr. Parsel has always brought a critical real world “consumer” view to the TEE Specification Working Group. He has been a continued supporter of the working group’s activities and his contributions have made both today’s and the future’s TEE a better product for all.

Security Task Force Nominee: Don Felton, Trustonic – “Collaboration & Teamwork” category

Mr. Felton shared his significant GlobalPlatform TEE expertise with the Root of Trust Sub-Task Force. His hard work made it possible to build the TEE section of the Root of Trust Definitions and Requirements with a high level of quality. His positive feedback helped to align the various points of view and to reach a homogeneous level of detail in the document.

Security Task Force Nominee: Stanley Potter, U.S. Department of Defense – “Collaboration & Teamwork” category

Mr. Potter was a key contributor to the Root of Trust Definitions and Requirements, with his significant expertise of market views and his understanding of the Root of Trust as defined by other organizations. With his consensus and synthesis skills, he defined requirements with unambiguous wording that was still broad enough to match several types of secure implementations.

Identity Task Force & Mobile Task Force Nominee: Alexander Summerer, Giesecke & Devrient – “Going the Extra Mile” category

Mr. Summerer has been a leader and key contributor with respect to two notable white papers, taking it upon himself to not only drive forward both efforts, but to also actively provide content. The first white paper, which was just recently published, explains the value of FIDO authentication standards implemented based on GlobalPlatform technologies in different use cases. The second white paper initiative focuses on Decentralized Secure Element Management. His exceptional efforts not only required leadership and subject matter expertise, but also collaboration with other organizations.
Previous GlobalPlatform Stars:


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