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GlobalPlatform Star Awards

Each year, GlobalPlatform recognizes truly exemplary Member participants through its annual Star Awards program. GlobalPlatform Stars are awarded to those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the organization by achieving the objectives of the Technical Committee or Task Force they represent. These individuals also bring forth enthusiasm and dedication in driving GlobalPlatform's work efforts forward over the year.

Through the Star Awards program, individuals are recognized in a specific category of achievement, such as:

  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Making It Happen
  • Leadership
  • Going the extra mile

Star Award recipients are announced and presented during GlobalPlatform's Annual All Member Meeting, held in Paris each November.

Congratulations to the 2015 GlobalPlatform Stars:

Card Committee Nominee: Hans Van Tilburg, Visa – "Collaboration & Teamwork" category

Mr. Van Tilburg has been an active participant in the Card Security Working Group since the group was established. Recently, he efficiently and effectively contributed to facilitate the specification of the roaming of applications. His always positive and constructive attitude in the discussions is enjoyed and appreciated, and his expertise will be beneficial for the next challenges to be addressed.

Card Committee Nominee: Elder Dos Santos, Oberthur – "Collaboration ∓ Teamwork" category

In the Multi-Secure Element Working Group, Mr. Dos Santos contributed to the elaboration of the specification of the Management Entity, which coordinates the contactless activities between the different secure elements in a device. His significant expertise in GlobalPlatform’s Card Specification, Amendment C on Contactless Services in one Secure Element, and on the ETSI Specifications for HCI and the Single Wire Protocol was key to detecting global system issues and to identifying solutions to these complex problems.

Card Committee Nominee: Sebastien Kuras, FIME – "Collaboration & Teamwork" category

Mr. Kuras provided significant contributions to the Card Compliance Working Group activities, bringing all of his expertise to help produce the best compliance test suite level for the eUICC project. His substantial involvement was also much appreciated when liaising between GSMA and GlobalPlatform, acting as a facilitator in the process.

Card Committee Nominee: Hanno Dietrich, Morpho – "Collaboration & Teamwork" category

Mr. Dietrich has now dedicated several years to the overall improvement of GlobalPlatform’s Card Specification. He has actively and consistently participated, in a very collaborative spirit, to improve the Card Specification year after year. His combined expertise of both telecom and ID markets and specifications has always been of valuable interest to the group.

Device Committee Nominee: Marcus Streets, Good – "Making it Happen" category

Mr. Streets has been pivotal in seeing the needs of a work effort and stepping in to progress it and sort out any issues. Through this, he has taken on developing and contributing to three separate specification documents within the Device Committee. He is truly a driving force and making it happen.

Device Committee Nominee: Jan Eichholz, G&D "Innovative Thinking" category

Mr. Eichholz’s efforts have expanded beyond the TEE Specification Working Group to create useful and workable specifications and clear documentation, which has been a great support in the TEE space. He is a document editor and active contributor who is always looking for a new approach to the problem, splitting documents and providing different interpretations in a way that moves the specifications forward.

Device Committee Nominee: Jean-Philippe Galvan, Inside Secure – "Collaboration & Teamwork" category

Mr. Galvan has been a key actor in building and leading the TEE Roadmap Working Group, and has also supported overall device technology within GlobalPlatform as the Device Committee Vice Chair. It is well known that sharing the roadmap between competitors is more complex than defining a new API, and Mr. Galvan has been able to skillfully drive these discussions.

Internet of Things Task Force Nominee: Cedric Colnot, NXP – "Innovative Thinking" category

Mr. Colnot has been responsible for motivating the IoT Task Force to think outside the box for usage and integration of a secure element in IoT devices. His motivation and work efforts have aided the task force in starting the development of new services for an eSE in such a device. Mr. Colnot’s innovative thinking has been a significant driving force within the IoT Task Force.

Internet of Things Task Force Nominee: Francois Ennesser, Gemalto – "Collaboration & Teamwork" category

Mr. Ennesser was crucial in bringing about the collaboration between GlobalPlatform and oneM2M. He provides input and directions from the IoT standardization and regulation space, always pushing for a better collaboration and coordination with these external groups.
Previous GlobalPlatform Stars:


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