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GlobalPlatform Star Awards

Each year, GlobalPlatform recognizes truly exemplary Member participants through its annual Star Awards program. GlobalPlatform Stars are awarded to those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the organization by achieving the objectives of the Technical Committee or Task Force they represent. These individuals also bring forth enthusiasm and dedication in driving GlobalPlatform's work efforts forward over the year.

Through the Star Awards program, individuals are recognized in a specific category of achievement, such as:

  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Making It Happen
  • Leadership
  • Going the extra mile

Star Award recipients are announced and presented during GlobalPlatform's Annual All Member Meeting, held in Paris each November.

Congratulations to the 2014 GlobalPlatform Stars:

Device Committee: Hervé Sibert, STMicroelectronics – “Leadership” category

Mr. Sibert has personally driven the many possible certification solutions to move the GP TEE Protection Profile forward. This has required him to liaise with multiple external security certification organizations to forge a route for a new industrially acceptable certification in the face of the confusions of the current state of Common Criteria. Beyond this, Mr. Sibert has also stepped in to fill the gap in the TCG liaison.

Device Committee: Michel Beziat, Gemalto – “Going the Extra Mile” category

Mr. Beziant is responsible for personally driving the efforts behind the hugely complicated GPD TEE Remote Administration specification over a period of more than two years. Juggling conflicting contributions and major re-writes, all while syncing minor issues throughout. Yes, this is a normal editor’s job but this particular document seems to have raised the normal issues by at least an order of magnitude and would have faltered without Mr. Beziat putting in many late nights to keep things moving on.

Device Committee: Christophe Guillaud, Gemalto – “Making it Happen” category

Mr. Guillaud has been highly involved in helping the group understand the SIMalliance OMAPI test suite, proposing solutions for Secure Element Access Control testing and supporting the adoption of the test suite within GSMA. He has also greatly helped product vendors throughout test sessions and testfests in analyzing the test tool verdicts and log files.

Systems Committee: German Blanco, MasterCard – “Leadership” category

Mr. Blanco has provided unparalleled and impressive contribution to the E2E Simplified Framework Working Group. Despite the high level of complexity of the task and the significant existing technical direction for the specification, he was driven by making it simple and comprehensible. He was also very efficient in keeping all the contributors strongly involved and focused in the same direction.

Systems Committee: David Prince, Gemalto – “Innovative Thinking” category

Mr. Prince was strongly and substantially involved in the E2E Simplified Framework activities. He proposed and introduced a very efficient tool to simplify the understanding of the framework, and specifically to manage and optimize the large number of diagrams used in the specification. His support and contributions were invaluable.

Card Committee: Laurence Bringer, Gemalto “Collaboration & Teamwork” category

Since the beginning of the Multi-Secure Element Working Group some years ago, Ms. Bringer was very active, submitted many requirements and significantly contributed to the roadmap. Her contributions often featured several implementation alternatives, which was very helpful in finding the best compromise. Recently, she provided the first draft of the Management Entity document, which has been a great step towards the completion of this objective.

Card Committee: Olivier van Nieuwenhuyze, STMicroelectronics - “Leadership” category

Mr. van Nieuwenhuyze took over as the Working Group leader for the Multi-Secure Element Working Group, and has been invaluable in driving the work efforts. He has shown persistent commitment and clear leadership of the group.

Premium Content Task Force: Michael Lu, Trustonic – “Leadership category

Mr. Lu has been instrumental in guiding the work effort of the Premium Content Task Force, participating as its Vice-Chair and since leading as its interim Chair. He has been personally responsible for driving the complicated work effort forward.
Previous GlobalPlatform Stars:


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