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GlobalPlatform Star Awards

Each year, GlobalPlatform recognizes truly exemplary Member participants through its annual Star Awards program. GlobalPlatform Stars are awarded to those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the organization by achieving the objectives of the Technical Committee or Task Force they represent. These individuals also bring forth enthusiasm and dedication in driving GlobalPlatform's work efforts forward over the year.

Through the Star Awards program, individuals are recognized in a specific category of achievement, such as:

  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Making It Happen
  • Leadership
  • Going the extra mile

Star Award recipients are announced and presented during GlobalPlatform's Annual All Member Meeting, held in Paris each November.

Congratulations to the 2013 GlobalPlatform Stars:

Device Committee: Alexander Summerer, Giesecke & Devrient - "Making it Happen" category

In the Device Committee, Mr. Summerer has demonstrated a clear and enthusiastic willingness to progress the topics he was appointed to, including Secure Element Access Control and the secure channel between TEE and SE. He supplied the debate with high quality contributions, exposing fair and reasonable arguments, and thus helped the other contributors better understand the stated problems and make decisions for progress.

Systems Committee: Serkan Ketenci, Giesecke & Devrient – "Collaboration & Teamwork" category

Mr. Ketenci is an active member of the Systems Committee, and specifically a strong contributor to Mobile Messaging. He is continuously bringing new ideas to enhance this technology, always listening and accounting for other views. The recent evolution of Mobile Messaging v1.2 is the direct result of these constructive discussions.

Card Committee (Card Security WG): Boutheina Chetali, Trusted Labs - "Innovative Thinking" category

Ms. Chetali has been working in the Card Security Working Group since its creation, and attends a majority of the meetings. She is very active in the group and has proposed some excellent contributions with original ideas.

Internet of Things Task Force: Göran Selander, Ericsson - "Making it Happen" category

Mr. Selander was essential for moving forward the work in the Internet of Things Task Force, constantly contributing to the development of the GlobalPlatform position paper for the complex and volatile IoT/M2M market. His work was essential to keeping the IoT Task Force moving forward.

Mobile Task Force (Transportation Sub-Task Force): Stephanie El Rhomri, FIME - "Going the Extra Mile" category

Ms. El Rhomri has been instrumental in liaising with ISO TC 204 and promoting the GlobalPlatform ecosystem to the mass transportation market. She also built a strong liaison with OSPT and the recently created Smart Ticketing Alliance, which helped the GlobalPlatform Transportation sub-Task Force receive direct input and requirements from public transportation ticketing. The recently published On-card Transaction API document is an outstanding outcome of Ms. El Rhomri's extended effort to answer this market.
Previous GlobalPlatform Stars:


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New members joining after 31 October within the current fiscal year will pay prorated fees based on the month that a signed membership agreement is received by GlobalPlatform.

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