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Congratulations to the 2011 GlobalPlatform Stars:


Device Committee: Laurence Bringer, Gemalto – "Collaboration & Teamwork" category

Laurence Bringer has driven the SE OTA group to transform a GlobalPlatform smart card technology in the systems technology. This allows an issuer to over the air manage any secure element present in a mobile phone with a simple technology. It was a missing part of the GlobalPlatform technology and now, thanks to his dedication, GlobalPlatform provides even more technology and standard infrastructure to application providers.

Device Committee (TEE APIs WG): Alexandre Frey, Gemalto – "Going the Extra Mile" category

Mr. Frey has contributed un-ending effort in creating the GP TEE Internal API. He has coordinated the inputs from a divergent group of individuals and worked late into the night to create a well structured document in tough time lines. While others have helpfully donated large amounts of material, it has been his effort that has brought it all together and by far the most material has come from Mr Frey himself.

Card Committee: Ernst Haselsteiner, NXP – "Leadership" category

Mr. Haselsteiner has been an outstanding leader, ensuring efficient meetings for the Card Security WG. Ernst has many times taken the pen to finalize some document and helped the team to reach on time the milestones of publication.

Card Committee: Ahmad Saif, France Telecom – "Collaboration & Teamwork" category

Mr. Saif has been contributing to the Card Specification Working Group for several years now. As the representative of a leading operator, he's been providing the group with clear insights about the telecom market. In many circumstances, he helped the group understand what really matters to mobile operators, and also proved to be a strong relay of the messages of the Mobile Task Force. In particular, this year, Mr. Saif initiated new discussions, bringing significant added value to several new or evolving card specification documents.

Systems Committee: Gael Gerard, France Telecom – "Collaboration & Teamwork" category

Mr. Gerard's clear insight and contributions were essential to facilitate a consensus among the team and improved the quality of the TSM Messaging specifications.

Mobile Task Force: Stephanie Elrhomri, FIME – "Making It Happen" category

Ms. Elrhomri was integral to the GlobalPlatform Public Transportation Working Group, as she both lead and managed the Working Group. She also did an exceptional job in editing and producing the SAM White Paper. The recent press release on TC 204 liaison member is also a good sign of the excellent promotion of the GlobalPlatform organization in the Public transportation market.

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