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Congratulations to the 2010 GlobalPlatform Stars:


Device Committee: Jean-Philippe Galvan, Texas Instruments – "Collaboration & Teamwork" category

During 2010, Mr. Galvan provided strong leadership, pushed the Device Committee in the right direction and managed to maintain a great spirit. Just like the rest of us, he is busy with his own organization's responsibilities; however he is able to allocate positive energy and direction to the group by providing constructive remarks that make a difference within the Device Committee and GlobalPlatform.

Device Committee Nominee: Peter Harris, ARM – "Making It Happen" category

Mr. Harris has performed outstanding work for the release of the TEE Client API specifications, in both the technical and editorial aspects. He has brought technical expertise and also impartial quality to move the TEE Client API specifications rapidly to a GlobalPlatform public release. Thank you for all your support and soaring to Make it Happen!

Systems Committee: Philip Hoyer, ActivIdentity – "Innovative Thinking" category

The Systems Committee has taken a new technological direction thanks to Mr. Hoyer by migrating to OASIS. This is not a simple decision, as the Systems Committee needs to now change the way they work in order to take into account the obstacles and constraints coming from this new standard in the IT industry. Thanks to the support of Mr. Hoyer, the Systems Committee's technology will be even more efficient for future users.

Systems Committee: Patrice Amiel, Gemalto – "Leadership" category

Mr. Amiel has demonstrated exceptional commitment, team leadership and technical skills that helped the Systems Committee team resolve numerous TSM specification challenges, always as planned and in the most cordial conditions.

Card Committee (CCWG): Yannick Pin, Gemalto – "Making It Happen" category

Mr. Pin has been a key element in the Card Compliance Working Group, managing multiple meetings and extending himself to try to find the right solutions to move forward. He developed the famous Excel tool to analyze all test tool reports and generate all indicators that the group is appropriately progressing from TestFest to TestFest. Thank you Mr. Pin for Making it Happen and all your support.

GlobalPlatform Appreciation Award: Dominic Fedronic

Under the direction and leadership of Mr. Fedronic, the Government Task Force embarked on a roadmap that produced two white papers and set the direction for GlobalPlatform specifications to be aligned with international and regional standards – a direction that will make it easier for governments around the world to point the language of their tenders in the direction of GlobalPlatform. We will miss his insight and vision not only in the GTF but on the Board of Directors as well.

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