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Congratulations to the 2008 GlobalPlatform Stars:


Device Committee: Christophe Colas, Trusted Logic - "Making it Happen" category

Mr. Colas provided strong leadership and direction while providing a PC simulator tool for a GPD/STIP 2.3 environment. The PC simulator provides a training toolkit for application providers and systems integrators, and improves interoperability for a GPD/STIP 2.3 environment by giving a reference. This PC simulator is now ready to be delivered to GlobalPlatform members.

Moreover, Mr. Colas provided some major contributions that helped the Device Committee consider future add-ons to current specifications that may help drive the adoption of GPD/STIP for mobile markets in future.

Card Committee (Card Spec WG): Guillaume Phan, Trusted Logic – "Making It Happen" category

Mr. Phan has made significant contributions to the Card Committee over the past several years, especially in the Card Specifications Working Group and the Mobile Task Force. He has been active in several technical working groups and has been a major factor in their progress due to the quality of his proposals and by judicious technical comments. Members of the Card Committee have expressed their gratitude for the positive spirit and goodwill Mr. Phan brings to GlobalPlatform gatherings.

Card Committee (UICC Configuration): Karl Eglof Hartel, Giesecke & Devrient – Making It Happen" category

Mr. Eglof Hartel has provided amazing expertise on ETSI specifications, mainly in OTA in the Card Specification Working Group during the discussion on the UICC configuration. He performed a detailed review to ensure that the UICC configuration was perfectly synchronized with ETSI technology. He has also been active in ETSI as a liaison between GlobalPlatform and ETSI SCP.

Government Task Force: Jan Eichholz, Giesecke & Devrient – "Engaged Member" category

Mr. Eichholz brings energy and commitment to the Government Task Force and has provided his knowledge of ID standardization trends. He was highly responsive in verifying the scope of the GlobalPlatform extension and also helped facilitate the adoption of GlobalPlatform technology into ISO.

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