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Congratulations to the 2006 GlobalPlatform Stars:


Device Committee: Jérôme Azema, Texas Instruments – "Making it Happen" category

Mr. Azema helped GlobalPlatform Device specifications gain visibility and adoption in the mobile industry, since the launch of GPD/STIP technology. Thanks to his efforts and a strong conviction of success in the GlobalPlatform Device standards, he largely facilitated the first adoption of GPD/STIP compliant products within the mobile market; enabling Texas Instruments to deliver the first GPD/STIP compliant platforms which could be embedded in mobiles devices. Mr. Azema currently continues to contribute very actively on the future potential development and deployment activities of these standards. He also continues to reinforce benefits of GPD/STIP standards and within various mobile oriented consortium.

System Committee: Eric Le Saint, ActivIdentity – "Making It Happen" category

As a result of the first Advisory Council in May 2006, GlobalPlatform decided to create the HSPD12 Task Force to extend Systems Specifications to support Issuance of FIPS201 compliant cards by the HSPD12 deadline (10/27/2006). Mr. Le Saint volunteered to lead this Task Force, and his personal energy, commitment and technical expertise enabled the task force to meet this challenge. He also worked heavily with US agencies to promote, present and ensure that this specification would meet the HSPD12 requirements.

Card Committee: Eikazu Niwano-San, NTT

During the work for GlobalPlatform Card Specification V2.2, Mr. Niwano-san represented NTT and NICSS. He specifically engaged in the design and creation of the Public Key Infrastructure based Secure Channel Protocol. He actively contributed not only the proposals by NTT and NICSS, but also provided valuable feedback to the other proposals made. Without Mr. Niwano-San's contributions and participation, SCP10 would not have matured to the stage that it is now.

Engaged Member Award: Lynne Prince, US Department of Defense (DoD)

This award is to recognize the outstanding contribution, active participation, and engagement from a Member towards helping the organization achieve our objective of driving adoption of GlobalPlatform technology in global markets. Without the support of the Members, we would not benefit from the continued support of their individual contributors. The Member organization and individual contributor from that Member organization who we would like to especially acknowledge and recognize for this award is Ms. Prince. She has made significant contributions to both the marketing and technical initiatives of GlobalPlatform, including participating as a GlobalPlatform speaker and representative of the DoD at GlobalPlatform's one day educational seminar at the Card Tech Secure Tech conference. She made a significant content and editorial contribution to the development of the Identity management white paper of the Government Task Force. Ms. Prince also participated in the work of the Systems Messaging Task Force for PIR initiative and as a speaker in GlobalPlatform's eID Panel Session at Cartes.

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