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Congratulations to the 2005 GlobalPlatform Stars:


Systems Committee: Patrice Lacouture, Gemplus - "Going the Extra Mile" and "Making It Happen" categories

Mr. Lacouture made a real dedicated and personal investment to support the work on the Systems Profile and Scripting technology. He prepared and contributed much of his time to the FAQ analysis, verifying that the XML technology is well used in the Systems Committee.

Device Committee: Alan Lucas, Calton Hill - "Making It Happen" category

Mr. Lucas dedicated his full time to the Device Committee, tirelessly working and making progress on the review of the Device Specifications and Compliance Program. He contributed his subject matter expertise to the Device Specifications, ensuring all details in each corner of the different deliverables.

Device Committee: Kaishen Zhu, Shera - "Collaboration & Teamwork" category

Mr. Zhu was not only an active contributor in the Device Committee, but he attended all meetings and conference calls. He has actively communicated the GlobalPlatform Device technology mission as an external voice through his support of all GlobalPlatform Device events and GlobalPlatform speaking engagements.

Card Committee: Kiushan Pirzadeh, Visa International - "Collaboration & Teamwork" and "Going the extra mile" categories

Over the past year, Mr. Pirzadeh was actively engaged in the design process of GlobalPlatform Card Specification 2.2, as well as significantly contributed to the feedback process. Beyond delivering feedback to the group, he also kept track of the other participants' feedback, making sure resolutions were properly tracked and reminding the group of open items that still needed work. He also took detailed minutes and notes of the meetings. Mr. Pirzadeh was extremely helpful to the group itself and to the development of GP Card Specification 2.2.

Pieter Hoogendoorn, ACI - "Going the Extra Mile" and "Leadership" categories

Mr. Hoogendoorn took on the challenge of rallying participants in the Marketing Center and Systems Committee to collaborate on creating the foundation to understand the value propositions of the Systems Specifications for the government/ID, mobile telecom, and finance sectors. His guidance led to the development of a matrix that articulates the value propositions by industry and stakeholder. He also collaborated internally within his own company to provide the information needed to communicate GP's Systems offerings for government/ID. The information is now being used as the foundation for Harrison Cowley to create industry white papers.

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