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GlobalPlatform Star Awards

Each year, GlobalPlatform recognizes truly exemplary Member participants through its annual Star Awards program. GlobalPlatform Stars are awarded to those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the organization by achieving the objectives of the Technical Committee or Task Force they represent. These individuals also bring forth enthusiasm and dedication in driving GlobalPlatform's work efforts forward over the year.

Through the Star Awards program, individuals are recognized in a specific category of achievement, such as:

  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Making It Happen
  • Leadership
  • Going the extra mile

Star Award recipients are announced and presented during GlobalPlatform's Annual All Member Meeting, held in Paris each November.

Congratulations to the 2017 GlobalPlatform Stars:

TEE Committee: Jeremy O'Donoghue (Qualcomm) – “Making It Happen” category

Mr. O’Donoghue provides constant constructive support on all issues in the TEE space. He always provides useful feedback on open reviews, and has stepped in as editor on a number of current documents, not all of which are of direct interest to his company. He is a superb example of an active participant member.

SE Committee: Masato Kita (FeliCa Networks, Inc.) – “Collaboration & Teamwork” category

Mr. Kita was a significant participant in the Multi-SE Working Group, contributing in the elaboration of the Managing Entity specification. He was involved throughout the entire process, and it took a long time to finalize the specification due to the number of systems involved and multiple technologies that have to work together. He also shared his extensive technical knowledge and helped the group by reviewing the specification to make it more consistent.

SE Committee: Ullrich Martini (Giesecke & Devrient) – “Collaboration & Teamwork” category

Mr. Martini has extensively contributed to the Card Specification Working Group. Over the last year and a half in particular, he has driven with outstanding engagement the SCP11c initiative. He has also been a resource in educating the group members and developing the relevant specifications.

Consumer IoT Task Force: Jon Rolf (U.S. DoD) – “Innovative Thinking” category

Mr. Rolf has been a key contributor to the Wearables Requirements document. Not only has he significantly contributed to the use cases for wearables, but he has consistently provided the group with a new and fresh perspective. His input was particularly valuable as the DoD already runs pilots around wearable authentication.

Security Task Force Nominee: Béatrice Peirani , (Gemalto) – “Leadership” category

Ms. Peirani met the challenge to lead the Crypto Sub-Task Force. During this period, the group published a list of all cryptographic algorithms used in all GlobalPlatform SE and TEE specifications. In addition, she examined and summarized the cryptographic recommendations from National Agencies, and sorted all GlobalPlatform cryptographic algorithms into categories mapped to the National Agencies’ recommendations. Even if the subject was sometimes controversial, she led the group to a consensus and conclusion.
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To apply to become a GlobalPlatform member, please read the following legal bylaws and IPR policy, complete and return the membership agreement:

The completed and signed membership agreement can be scanned and emailed to GlobalPlatform. Alternatively, it can be faxed to the GlobalPlatform Secretariat on +1-650-260-2389.

New members joining after 31 October within the current fiscal year will pay prorated fees based on the month that a signed membership agreement is received by GlobalPlatform.

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