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What Our Members Are Saying

Susan Hillel, Senior Vice President of Global Network Operations
American Express
"American Express recognizes that by contributing to GlobalPlatform, and engaging in its cross-market expertise, we will be in a stronger position to deliver innovative and convenient payment solutions to American Express' users globally. We look forward to lending our market experience and resources to GlobalPlatform, and participating in this important industry initiative."

Ian Drew, Executive Vice President, Marketing
"With ARM processors at the heart of an ever growing number of consumer devices it is important that we participate in driving the standardization of software application programming interfaces. By contributing to the advancement of GlobalPlatform technology, we can help to reduce the burden on our silicon partners and software developers, and ensure a faster time to market for the next generation of feature-rich, security–sensitive connected devices."

Mr. Huang Ning Zhai, Vice President
"We firmly support the development and promotion of interoperable specifications across the card, device and systems infrastructure to further the global adoption of smart card technology. Feedback from the market has highlighted that smart card solutions based on GlobalPlatform Specifications are in strong demand, and we believe that our involvement in GlobalPlatform will further our knowledge and understanding of how to apply the specifications to enhance our current product and service portfolio for both the financial and mobile telecom sectors."

Vincent Poty, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development
"FIME intends to actively participate in the promotion of the organization's initiatives and increase the visibility of its achievements and GlobalPlatform solutions on the international smart card scene."

Naoya Henmi, General Manager of the Marketing Division
NEC Corporation
"Our decision to join GlobalPlatform was based on our strong support of its open technology and keen interest in staying at the forefront of new developments in the specifications that will be utilized in near field communication (NFC) enabled technology. NEC has proven experience in delivering contactless IC business in Japan and in order to further our work in this area, we identified the benefit gains from contributing and being part of GlobalPlatform's body of work."

Marc Witteman, CTO
"Mobile and payment security is the core of our business and we have become globally recognized for our security expertise regarding Java Card™ and GlobalPlatform technology. GlobalPlatform has taken the initiative to propose an architecture that will enable mobile payment to emerge in a sound and cost-effective manner, a drive that we fully support. As a member of the association we are now working with key industry associations to play a part in this effort which will make mobile payment solutions secure and trustworthy by offering the required test methodology and tools."

Keith Smith, President and COO

"GlobalPlatform plays a leading role in defining open and interoperable smart card specifications. These global standards are becoming increasingly important as NFC and other alternate mobile payment technologies advance across sectors and geographical boundaries. SK C&C USA recognizes the benefits that open and interoperable technology brings to the mobile payment community and we recognize GlobalPlatform's important work in this field. We look forward to contributing and continuing our work with GlobalPlatform."

Lynne Prince, Deputy Chief, Authentication and Access Division
US Department of Defense
"The US Federal Government FIPS 201 requires higher cryptographic protocols for secure channel transport in its Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards. The GlobalPlatform Secure Channel Protocol 03 allows the DoD and other US Federal Agencies using GlobalPlatform in their PIV programs to meet the more advanced cryptographic standards."

To apply to become a GlobalPlatform member, please read the following legal bylaws and IPR policy, complete and return the membership agreement:

The completed and signed membership agreement can be scanned and emailed to GlobalPlatform. Alternatively, it can be faxed to the GlobalPlatform Secretariat on +1-650-260-2389.

New members joining after 31 October within the current fiscal year will pay prorated fees based on the month that a signed membership agreement is received by GlobalPlatform.

All membership inquiries can be sent to GlobalPlatform.