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Company Overview: FIME offers comprehensive consulting services, technical training, technology design, test tools and certification testing across the financial services, telecom, transit and identity sectors. Its experts support projects from start to finish, resolving the technical challenges its customers face when implementing a complete portfolio of specifications, standards and multi-brand industry requirements.

FIME speaks the language of its customers and uses its 20+ years of experience to ensure that card and mobile transactions services are implemented efficiently and successfully. It supports a range of technologies including contact, contactless, EMV chip, near field communication (NFC), host card emulation (HCE), tokenization, secure element (SE), machine to machine (M2M), internet of things (IoT) and trusted execution environment (TEE).

Partnering with the international and national payment schemes, and industry bodies, FIME ensures its multi-brand offering is always aligned with the latest market requirements.

GlobalPlatform Based Solutions: FIME has achieved GlobalPlatform qualified status for its test tool products and laboratory testing offerings. FIME is the first full service testing facility to receive the GlobalPlatform certification for both its tool and laboratory, which enables the company to test a card product’s compliance to the GlobalPlatform UICC Configuration for the mobile sector. FIME’s Global Test Suite is available with different libraries:
• UICC configuration V1.0 Edition - qualified
• Mapping Guidelines Edition - available soon
• GP 2.1.1 Edition - available soon

GlobalPlatform Implementation Programs: FIME actively supports smartcard manufacturers from the early stages of the development to achieve GlobalPlatform qualification for their products.

FIME also accompanies Mobile Network Operators and Service Providers throughout their NFC projects. FIME's key strength in this support is the technical expertise it provides during the definition of their specifications and their test strategies.

Being a member of GlobalPlatform allows FIME to contribute to the development of a standardized smartcard infrastructure. Participating in the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program and several of Global Platform’s working groups aligns with FIME’s business strategy by giving FIME more visibility on the international smart card scene.