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Company Overview: 

Thales is a world-leading player in the security market. With over 25,000 engineers and researchers, we have a unique capability to design, to develop and to deploy solutions for the world’s most complex security requirements. Our security teams work with government agencies, local authorities and civil operators to protect citizens, sensitive data and critical infrastructure.

Our ITSEF evaluates various kind of security devices and products according to Common Criteria Schemes and Privates Schemes like ANSSI, EMVCo, VISA, Mastercard and AMEX.

GlobalPlatform Based Solutions: GlobalPlatform based solutions from Thales include P3 (personalization preparation process) for EMV and ID smart card data preparation and hardware security modules for secure key generation, protection of data between data preparation and card personalization systems, and the generation and protection of PINs. The systems were developed using GlobalPlatform Scripting Language Specification v1.1.0 and GlobalPlatform Guide to Common Personalization v1.0.

GlobalPlatform Implementation Programs: Thales e-Security has been involved in over 250 P3 implementations globally. The system is being used by individual issuing banks and multi-issuer bureaux. The P3 system has been integrated with card management and personalization systems from other companies within the GlobalPlatform member community.

Our active involvement with GlobalPlatform has enabled us to keep pace with the development of specifications and standards in the smart card industry and to develop productive relationships with other members.