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Company Overview: Applus+ is a leading global company providing conformity assessment services. It is one of the three largest European companies in the inspection, technical support and testing sectors. In its capacity as a Visa recognized laboratory and Common Criteria evaluation center, the Applus+ ITC Center performs a complete range of evaluation and certification services, dealing with both smart cards and acceptance devices (interoperability, functionality and security).

GlobalPlatform-Based Solutions: 

  • Complete open platform testing (Visa GlobalPlatform Specification / v2.1.1 in the payment systems area).
  • Consultancy on Common Criteria evaluation for GlobalPlatform products.

  • “Applus+’s membership of GlobalPlatform is a logical step in our company’s evolution within the smart cards and terminal sector. From now on, Applus+ will aim to strengthen GlobalPlatform technology, and will offer GlobalPlatform all its expertise in terms of standards improvement, security evaluation and Protection Profile development.”