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Company Overview: Monetech is a consultancy firm with a clear focus on innovative projects based on mobile applications, smart cards and secured transactions applied to payment, public transport and telecoms. Monetech is currently working on several innovative topics such as contactless payment, contactless ticketing, multi-application cards and NFC mobiles. Monetech is performing GlobalPlatform trainings thanks to its GlobalPlatform certified trainer

GlobalPlatform Implementation Programs: Monetech is working on a number of diverse projects that rely on GlobalPlatform Card Specifications. Monetech consultants are involved in major NFC field trials where they help their customers define the most relevant secure element configuration. Monetech consultants are also involved in the definition of standards and guidelines for the NFC industry where GlobalPlatform Card Specifications are the cornerstone.

Joining GlobalPlatform is a logical way for Monetech to feed our field experience and market knowledge into the association, while delivering the latest advances to our customers through GlobalPlatform technology.