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KONA International
Company Overview: KONA I has over ten years of experience as a leading player in the smart card industry. The company was established as name of KEBTechnology in 1998. It was initially set up card systems to transportation service providing companies and provides native cards to the financial institutions in South Korea. From the early 2000s, the company has been focus on smart card and its products and services development.

As a market leader in the Korean domestic market, KEBTechnology has started to penetrate global market, and its worldwide reputation has been increased rapidly as a leading smart card total solution provider. The company has been reformed with intelligent people from worldwide to sow the KONA™ solutions internationally, and named as "KONA International" KONA I. Now, the company is concentrated on the mobile payment solutions and TSM as the industry trends, in order to lead the market, as well as whole industry.