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Visa Inc.
Company Overview: Visa connects cardholders, merchants and financial institutions through the world's largest electronic payments network. Visa products allow buyers and sellers to conduct commerce with ease and confidence in both the physical and virtual worlds. As an association owned by more than 20,000 member financial institutions, Visa is committed to the sustained growth of electronic payment systems to support the needs of all stakeholders and to drive economic growth. Our wide spectrum of products and services include credit, debit, and prepaid payment solutions, as well as programs and initiatives designed specifically for commercial and government enterprises. We also develop common standards and specifications to facilitate commerce and provide our member financial institutions with global payment platform development, 24/7 operation of the world's largest and most sophisticated payment processing system, and management of the Visa brand.

GlobalPlatform Based Solutions: EMV compliant Visa Smart Debit Credit Applet developed with Java Card 2.1/2.2 & GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.0.1 APIs. EMV compliant SmartPOS implementing GlobalPlatform Device Specification. Visa EMV CPS GlobalPlatform components package compliant to GlobalPlatform Systems Profiles and Scripting Specifications.

GlobalPlatform Implementation Programs: Visa Asia Pacific's Wave Card Program, ANZ Bank, Daejeon Project, First National Bank of Omaha, Royal Bank of Canada Avion Card, Scotiabank Card, Smart Card Management System -- ACI's Smart Chip Manager, Mobile Banking Project, SK Telecom, Moscow Social Card.

GlobalPlatform is the leading consortium to develop open specifications for the smart card industry. Its global membership and close collaboration with ISO ensures a wide adoption of GlobalPlatform technology.