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Shanghai Pingbo Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Trustkernel)
Company description: 
Shanghai Pingbo Information Technology Co. Ltd (Trustkernel) specialises in the core security of mobile platforms and is committed to providing industry leading trusted execution environment (TEE) security solutions to smart device manufacturers and application developers.

By adopting the most advanced mobile security technology, it creates a powerful protection mechanism across the hardware, operating system and application layer, thus forming a secure and integrated TEE solution that can be configured and adapted to meet our customers security needs.

Since the first TEE release in 2014, the company has received several awards in recognition of its commitmentto innovation with products receiving certification from Security Authorities including Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT) and The Third Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security.

Shanghai Pingbo Information Technology Limited Company(Trustkernel) was founded by a dedicated team of postgraduates and PhD graduates from SJTU.