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SELTECH Corporation
Company Overview: SELTECH was founded by Mr. Shoi Egawa in Tokyo Shibuya in 2009. With the company’s flagship "Security 3.0"/"Security-by-Separation", SELTECH brings hypervisor into the IoT device security world. SELTECH develops and delivers the industry’s lightest, fastest and OS independent bare-metal type hypervisor which takes full advantage of the hardware assisted virtualization mechanism provided by major CPU IP venders. SELTECH provides FOXvisor for application processors (MPUs) andμFOX for Microcontrollers (MCUs).

As the front runner addressing the security needs for the rapidly growing IoT device market, SELTECH is a core member of industry organizations such as the Secure IoT Alliance and the prpl Foundation. In addition, SELTECH chairs the Device Security Technology Sub-Working Group in the Connected Consumer Device Security Council.

SELTECH also develops and distributes VAI (Voice Vision & Artificial Intelligence) technology for embedded systems.