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Beijing Beanpod Technology Co., Ltd.
Company description : 
Beijing BeanPod Technology Co., Ltd. is an international provider of mobile security services and solutions based on trusted execution environment (TEE) technology. It is headquartered in the Haidian District of Beijing, with separate R&D centres in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Shenyang and Taiwan.

The company’s products secure mobile payments, personal biometric information, data and digital content, for IoT devices.Utilising TEE and micro-kernel technology, it has developed a virtualized operating system, ISEE TM, that secures and prevents the theft of sensitive terminal information and is now used in over 100 million domestic mobile phones across China and outside China.

GlobalPlatform-based solutions: 
ISEE OSis a GlobalPlatform TEE certified product and has passed the TEE security evaluation by China Telecommunication.

GlobalPlatform Implementation Programs: 

  • Mobile Phones: over 100 million devices