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Organization Overview: ITSO is about making travelling on public transport easier by using smart ticketing instead of cash.

The idea behind smart ticketing is that you can load your smartcard with the cash or paid-for electronic ‘tickets’ to get to and from your destination – be it for work or play. That saves you having to find the right amount of cash and can speed up your boarding time, helping your bus stick to its timetable.

The idea behind ITSO is that all transport providers can use the same basic IT Specification so that their fare charging systems speak the same language – no matter which form of transport you are travelling on, which operator is providing it, or where you are in the UK. That way, in theory, you could use just one smartcard for your end-to-end journey.

ITSO is an open Specification which belongs to the Crown. ITSO Limited is the company which is the guardian of this Specification and looks after it with reference to the UK Department for Transport.