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Cartes Bancaires
Company Overview: Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB is an interbank payment and cash withdrawal system, created in 1984. It ensures the consistency, reliability and security of the CB system. Its bank members issue CB cards, affiliate merchants and install ATMs according to their own commercial strategy. Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB is responsible for:
  • establishing the rules applicable to CB members.
  • defining the technical standards and contractual rules between CB members .
  • managing transaction authorizations between CB members.
  • equipment type approval and ensuring the CB system’s security, promotion and representation.

GlobalPlatform Based Solutions: Cartes Bancaires EMV cards which support the Dynamic Data Authentication method (DDA) contains an administration piece of software based on the SCP02 protocol described in the GlobalPlatform Card Specification version 2.1.1, March 2003.

Cartes Bancaires has chosen GlobalPlatform Specifications as a basis for the development of an admministration specification for the personalization of the EMV DDA CB cards