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JCB Co. Ltd.
Company Overview: JCB is one of the global payment brands and a major card issuer and acquirer in Japan. JCB launched its card business in Japan in 1961 and began expanding overseas in 1981. Its merchant network includes 13.5 million merchants and spans 190 countries and territories. JCB cards are now issued in 19 countries and territories, with 55.75 million card members. In pursuit of its international growth strategy, JCB has formed alliances with more than 350 leading banks and financial institutions globally to increase merchant coverage and cardmember base. As a comprehensive payment solutions company, JCB is committed to providing high-quality payment services to customers, merchants, and partners. For further information, please visit the JCB website at or

GlobalPlatform Based Solutions: EMV compliant J/Smart card and applet developed with Java Card 2.1.1/2.2/2.2.1 and GlobalPlatform Card Specification 2.0.1/2.0.1f/2.1.1. For the details, please refer to:

GlobalPlatform Implementation Programs: JCB smart card based on GlobalPlatform (Open Platform) 2.0.1/2.0.1f/2.1.1 has been issued by many issuers in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

With the GP standard, JCB can offer members a more cost-effective and simplified migration to EMV. In addition, we provide a wider selection of card platforms that members can choose from.