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Hansol Secure Co., Ltd.
Company Overview: Since the company was founded in 2000, Hansol Secure Co., Ltd. (formally Smart Card Laboratory, Inc) has contributed to various significant technological advances in the smart card field. Hansol Secure Co., Ltd. developed the platforms and high capacity dual-interface cards for WCDMA-based USIM functions and for commercial applications such as finance and transportation, which can be installed on one chip.

Hansol Secure Co., Ltd. is technologically advanced and competitive because it boasts applied technology on smart cards. The company prepares next generation technology such as NFC and large capacity products, which were developed as pilots in 2009.

Through strategic partnerships with global leading companies in various industries, Hansol Secure Co., Ltd. provides convergence services and multi- function solutions related to smart cards. The company has expanded its technology and experience to the global market, for example it is co-working with various countries’ mobile network operators and mobile service providers.

GlobalPlatform Based Solutions: Dual-interface cards can be used for individual identification while enabling high capacity video/data transmission and the use of transportation, finance and other services. Dual-interface technology was commercialized for the first time by Hansol Secure Co., Ltd. in 2006 and regulation has been established mandating it to be installed on WCDMA, HSDPA and WIMAX devices. These solutions are based on GlobalPlatform technology. In 2009, the company will penetrate the second ‘mobile blue-ocean market’ by developing an NFC-based large-capacity smart card. This card will also be based on GlobalPlatform technology.