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GlobalPlatform Membership

GlobalPlatform members are responsible for shaping and evolving the most widely accepted and implemented specifications that support the secure and interoperable deployment and management of multiple embedded applications on secure chip technology. The voices of individual members combine through discussion and debate to independently govern the output of the organization. The membership collectively creates organizational strategy and defines technical work priorities for the committees and market task forces. This collaborative governance model ensures that the organization remains focused on advancing GlobalPlatform's offering to constantly address emerging technical, business, market or application-specific requirements, as outlined by the industry itself.

All parties with an interest in secure chip technology have a place within GlobalPlatform and can apply for membership. Currently, GlobalPlatform counts members from Europe, Asia and the Americas, including technology, hardware and chip vendors, integrators, public and commercial issuers and consultants. The GlobalPlatform membership combines active representation from diverse sectors closely associated with secure chip technology deployment, including payment, mobile telecommunications, government/ID, transit, healthcare and retail. Sector specific members include payment associations, mobile telecommunications operators, public sector organizations and government agencies.

GlobalPlatform members benefit from their engagement within the organization in a number of ways:

  • Strategic Influence - Members have the opportunity to influence specification development to align with and facilitate the strategic direction of their own organization.

  • Advance Insight - Members gain a competitive advantage through advance awareness of technology developments aimed at addressing emerging requirements.

  • Technical Privileges - Members are entitled to preferable terms on some GlobalPlatform technical documents and tools.

  • Access to Expertise - Members have direct access to GlobalPlatform experts, who can educate them fully on the benefits of deploying or offering GlobalPlatform based solutions.

  • Access to Exclusive Member Website - All GlobalPlatform members have access to privileged information available on the member-only website. This information is not available to the general public and includes technical documentation, access to technical tools, meeting minutes and advance meeting materials, internal and external presentations.

  • Networking Opportunities - Members gain access to an expansive network of industry contacts, providing networking and business development opportunities and an unrivalled resource pool of industry expertise for the management of applications on secure chip technology.

  • Industry Positioning - Members become part of a thought-leading community, demonstrating their commitment to the development of a trusted end-to-end solution which serves multiple actors and supports several business models.

  • Marketing Support - Members benefit from joint marketing and PR opportunities initiated and managed by GlobalPlatform.

To apply to become a GlobalPlatform member, please read the following legal bylaws and IPR policy, complete and return the membership agreement:

The completed and signed membership agreement can be scanned and emailed to GlobalPlatform. Alternatively, it can be faxed to the GlobalPlatform Secretariat on +1- 650-260-2389.

New members joining after 31 October within the current fiscal year will pay prorated fees based on the month that a signed membership agreement is received by GlobalPlatform.

All membership inquiries can be sent to GlobalPlatform.