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White Papers and Guides

GlobalPlatform Made Simple Guides

GlobalPlatform is developing 'made simple' technology guides assisting those within, and outside of, the ecosystem to understand the latest industry advancements, what they mean for the marketplace and GlobalPlatform’s contribution.

GlobalPlatform White Papers

GlobalPlatform develops white papers in order to educate the industry on the benefits its specifications offer and their ability to drive cross-industry interoperability. They also provide use cases for GlobalPlatform technology.

Industry Partner White Papers

GlobalPlatform's industry partners develop white papers which provide guidance on industry best practice and support for utilizing GlobalPlatform technology in the implementation of secure chip technology.

If you are a media representative, analyst or conference organizer and have a query regarding GlobalPlatform, please contact iseepr:

Tel: +44 (0) 113 350 1922
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