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GlobalPlatform members are entitled to various discounts off the registration fees for some of the events listed in this calendar. For more information on how to claim the available discounts, please contact GlobalPlatform's PR agency, iseepr.

2018 Seminar

Our annual Seminar is taking place in September 2018, in Shanghai China. The event will bring together both Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Secure Element (SE) technologies, and associated business and technical use cases, to explore the need for ‘Security in our Connected World’

We welcome your contributions in one or more of the following tracks:

  • Industrial IoT
  • Consumer IoT
  • Identification and authentication
  • Device trust
  • Payment and value-added services
  • Premium content protection and digital rights management (DRM)
  • Certification

If you are interested in making a submission, either on behalf of your company or as an individual speaker, please send a brief presentation title and synopsis in English-language only to before Friday 20 April 2018.

ON-DEMAND - Webinar - Combined strengths of oneM2M and GlobalPlatform to address IoT security :

oneM2M’s webinar is now available to watch on-demand here.

In the video Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform’s Technical Director, joins François Ennesser, Chairman of the oneM2M Security Working Group, to explain how widely deployed security solutions from both organizations can be leveraged today to address diverse security requirements in both consumer and industrial IoT implementations.

13-15 March 2018: Money2020 Asia - Singapore

GlobalPlatform supports Money2020 Asia

14-15 March 2018: Connected Vehicles 2018 - Bengaluru

GlobalPlatform supports Connected Vehicles 2018

21-22 March 2018: IoT Asia - Singapore

GlobalPlatform supports IoT Asia

2018 Seminar: Payments Summit 2018 - Orlando

GlobalPlatform Activity:

Speaker: Kevin Gillick
Track: Payments Technology
Session: Payments Standards and Specifications
Presentation: Management of Multiple Contactless Services on NFC Devices
Date: Wednesday 28 March
Time: 3:15pm – 4:15pm

GlobalPlatform supports Payments Summit 2018

27-28 March 2018: IoT Payments World - Belgium

GlobalPlatform Activity:

Speaker: Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze
Session: Seamless Payments Security: Hardware Challenges
Presentation: GlobalPlatform – standardized on-device NFV technology for secure mobile payments
Date: Tuesday 27 March
Time: 2pm – 4pm

GlobalPlatform supports IoT Payments World

16-20 April 2018: RSA Conference USA - San Francisco

GlobalPlatform supports RSA Conference USA

18 – 19 April 2018: IoT Tech Expo Global - London

GlobalPlatform supports IoT Tech Expo Global

30 April – 2 May 2018: connect: ID - Washington, DC

GlobalPlatform Activity:

Speaker: Kevin Gillick
Session: Securing the Internet of Things
Presentation: Securing the IoT Landscape
Date: Wednesday 2 May
Time: 2:45pm – 3:50pm

GlobalPlatform supports connect: ID

8 – 11 May 2018: International Cryptographic Module Conference - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

GlobalPlatform Activity:

Speaker: Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze
Session: General Technology
Presentation: GlobalPlatform: Cryptography Algorithm Classification and Crypto Agility
Date: Wednesday 9 May
Time: 2:15pm – 3:45pm

14-17 May 2018: Internet of Things World - Santa Clara, CA

GlobalPlatform supports Internet of Things World California

6-7 June 2018: TU-Automotive Detroit - Novi, Michigan

GlobalPlatform supports TU-Automotive Detroit

25 – 27 June 2018: SDW 2018 - London

GlobalPlatform supports Security Document World

27-29 June 2018 : GSMA MWC Shanghai - Shanghai

GlobalPlatform supports GSMA MWC Shanghai

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Tel: +44 (0) 113 350 1922
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