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INFOGRAPHIC – Compliance Program

GlobalPlatform has invested in compliance since 2002 to evaluate the alignment of smart cards and secure elements to GlobalPlatform Specifications. The Compliance Program provides a foundation for interoperability, stability and confidence in the secure chip industry by evaluating the functional behavior of products against GlobalPlatform requirements. This lowers the cost of progress for industry players such as application developers, hardware manufacturers and software developers by removing barriers caused by interoperability issues.

Because of this work, there are now more than 170 GlobalPlatform-qualified secure components available to the marketplace, having undergone independent laboratory qualification. This represents a significant milestone and reflects the level of commitment and support for interoperability and stability within the secure chip industry.

To mark this achievement, and to expand on the association’s role in ensuring the long-term interoperability of embedded applications on secure chip technology, GlobalPlatform has developed an infographic which looks at the need for interoperability, secure components, the benefits of developing and deploying qualified products, the process vendors and service providers undertake to become qualified and the benefits the program brings them.