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Kevin Gillick – A look back over GlobalPlatform’s financial year 2014 achievements

Following yet another successful 12 months for GlobalPlatform, Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of the association takes a look back at a landmark year and highlights the key priorities moving into 2015.

GlobalPlatform has updated a number of its specifications over the last 12 months, and published a variety of new ones. Please can you summarize some of the key deliverables?
GlobalPlatform and its members published nine specifications to market, which support the secure and interoperable deployment and management of multiple embedded applications on secure chip technology.

TEE standardization has continued to be a key priority for GlobalPlatform over the last 12 months, what activity has the association undertaken in this space?
In October 2013, GlobalPlatform hosted the market’s only comprehensive conference focused on the advancing TEE landscape, ‘GlobalPlatform Presents the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE): Next Generation Mobile Security for Today and Tomorrow’, in Santa Clara, California.

The conference, which attracted over 200 delegates, provided  service providers (including financial institutions, digital media service providers, and companies working to develop enterprise solutions for the public and private sector), platform providers, software vendors and device manufacturers with an insight into the vast opportunities presented by the TEE for the deployment of trusted applications in open environments.

Following the success of our inaugural conference, GlobalPlatform held its second TEE conference in September 2014, also in Santa Clara. The second event provided a platform for the association and the wider TEE industry to demonstrate the significant advancements that have been made over the last 12 months to standardize this evolving technology.

In addition to our TEE conferences, and in an effort to meet industry demand for specialist knowledge around TEE technology, GlobalPlatform also launched a dedicated TEE training program.

The first course, which coincided with the 2014 TEE conference, introduced participants to GlobalPlatform’s role in creating a standardized TEE that accelerates the deployment of secure applications and their associated assets into connected devices. The session also addressed the technology itself, as well as the development and deployment of trusted applications. Different use cases were addressed, demonstrating how the TEE can be used to support a range of business models across markets such as premium content protection, mobile financial services and authentication, as well as enterprise and government.

Stay tuned to the training pages of the GlobalPlatform website for details of TEE training sessions in 2015.

Aside from the TEE, what are the other key areas that GlobalPlatform has focused on over the last 12 months and what has been the motivation behind these activities?
2014 saw GlobalPlatform launch its ‘End-to-End Simplified Service Management Framework v1.0’. The document streamlines the service management process by outlining how GlobalPlatform Specifications can be used to implement a comprehensive end-to-end configuration relevant to a specific market sector.  The first version focused on contactless payments, which was in response to industry demand for an accessible deployment framework that eases complexity and promotes standardization of this ecosystem.  Future versions of the framework will address the transport and healthcare sectors.

As part of our efforts to promote this work, GlobalPlatform held two trusted service manager (TSM) seminars in Atlanta and Shanghai. In total, the seminars attracted almost 200 delegates comprising of TSMs, MNOs, banks, transit authorities, and technology and service providers engaged in the deployment of secure, value added mobile services.

GlobalPlatform recently announced the creation of its Security Task Force. What activity will this group undertake?
The Security Task Force was created in response to feedback from our members for GlobalPlatform to define its security philosophy and tailor its specifications for the security ecosystem. The group is working to identify specific industry use cases and apply the best combination of GlobalPlatform Specifications to offer practical and proportionate levels of defense against the unique threats that each use case faces in the real world.

If any of our members are interested in participating in the Security Task Force, further details are available on the member only website.

Aside from the TEE training session, did GlobalPlatform host any of its Cards Specification and Contactless training sessions?
Following overwhelming demand in 2013 for our two-day Card Specification Training and one-day Contactless Training, GlobalPlatform conducted training sessions in Hong Kong in March, London in April and San Francisco in June. To ensure a dynamic learning environment, GlobalPlatform limits its training sessions to a maximum of 15 students, therefore any interested parties are encouraged to sign-up to the sessions early to avoid disappointment.

Keep up-to-date on our 2015 training calendar through the training pages of the website.

GlobalPlatform released a number of white papers in 2014 each focusing on a different sector and industry need. What was the motivation behind each of these papers?
In 2014 GlobalPlatform released three white papers which communicate the value our specifications bring to a cross-sector of industries. The papers focused on:

How has GlobalPlatform’s Membership evolved over the past year?
GlobalPlatform welcomed 25 new members in financial year 2014 and we now have over 130 members in total.

There is a real desire from various stakeholders across the secure chip industry to contribute to GlobalPlatform’s technology and our market discussions. When more members engage in our initiatives and more expertise is shared, it further strengthens our belief that our specifications are well aligned with the needs of the marketplace.

What is in store for 2015?

  • In 2015, GlobalPlatform will explore new avenues to ensure we are in close proximity to all our members globally and support the unique needs of different, regional ecosystems. Stay tuned to our website, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube channel and Executive Director Newsletter for updates throughout the year on GlobalPlatform’s current activities.