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> 16 Nov 16 - GlobalPlatform Expands Root of Trust Requirements and Definitions for IoT and Connected Computing
> 31 Oct 16 - IoT Smart Home Secured with TEE Wins First GlobalPlatform Hackathon
> 21 Sep 16 - GlobalPlatform Secures IoT Keynote from ARM for TEE Conference on Connected Device Security
> 19 Sep 16 - GlobalPlatform TEE Hackathon Launches in Silicon Valley
> 12 Aug 16 - GlobalPlatform Updates TEE Initial Configuration and Launches Compliance and Security Test Suites
> 10 Aug 16 - GlobalPlatform Specification Simplifies Process to Check the Compliance and Certification Status of a Secure Component Product.
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New eBook: Why service providers should choose a GlobalPlatform certified Trusted Execution Environment. Read our latest eBook to find out.

New paper: 'Root of Trust Definitions and Requirements' enables OEMs & service providers to create, implement and use a Root of Trust (RoT) to protect their devices and service.

GlobalPlatform has released its annual report for 2016 which highlights key industry contributions over the past year. View report.

Our webinar with GSMA explains how the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Security Certification Scheme helps protect, ease and accelerate the deployment of value added mobile services.

GlobalPlatform Compliance Program

The compliance program evaluates the functional behavior of a product against the requirements outlined in GlobalPlatform Configurations and associated specifications to achieve market interoperability. Find out more about the latest updates, qualified test tools and approved products.

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