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> 3 Apr 17 - April Newsletter
> 13 Mar 17 - Industry Bodies Align to Standardize On-Device NFC Service Management
> 26 Jan 17 - GlobalPlatform Releases Consumer-Centric Model Configuration
> 17 Jan 17 - Specification Standardizes Management of Trusted Execution Environments and Trusted Applications
> 11 Jan 17 - GlobalPlatform enables the Web to access Advanced Security Services
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Event Sponsorship
Sponsoring a GlobalPlatform event can help you reach stakeholders across the secure digital service ecosystem. Download our 2017 Sponsorship Kit.

Standardizing On-Device NFC Service Management
GlobalPlatform worked with ETSI & NFC Forum on a new white paper – read it here: Ensure Interworking Between Multiple Contactless Card Emulation Environments

We have expanded our training options to support the secure digital services ecosystem - check out our training calendar for 2017.

Root of Trust
New paper: 'Root of Trust Definitions and Requirements' enables OEMs & service providers to create, implement and use a Root of Trust (RoT) to protect their devices and service.

Protecting Web Apps with Secure Components
Watch the recorded webinar.

GlobalPlatform Compliance Program

The compliance program evaluates the functional behavior of a product against the requirements outlined in GlobalPlatform Configurations and associated specifications to achieve market interoperability. Find out more about the latest updates, qualified test tools and approved products.

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