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How To Participate

To achieve the GlobalPlatform qualification status for test tools or become a qualified laboratory, your organization must be a GlobalPlatform Full Member or Participating Member in good standing.

Test tool providers must also commit to and participate in the TestFest process: a series of meetings that bring together GlobalPlatform member organizations to establish relationships and undertake tests between secure chip products and test tools in a variety of multi-vendor and multi-tool combinations.

In addition to the opportunity to contribute to this initiative, there are many other benefits to becoming a GlobalPlatform member.

Non-GlobalPlatform members wishing to purchase member documents such as Test Suites, please visit our store.

The legal and technical forms applicable to each type of qualification are provided below.

Participation Forms

Product Vendor


Test Tool Vendor

Qualification and Listing Agreement for Product Vendors

Exhibit A – GlobalPlatform Product Qualification Request Form

Qualification and Listing Agreement for Labs and Test Tool Vendors

Exhibit A – GlobalPlatform Lab/Tool Qualification Request Form

Self-tested Product Listing Agreement

GlobalPlatform Supported Configuration Options (SCO) form for S.E. Products (ex-Card SCO)

GlobalPlatform Supported Configuration Options (SCO) form for TEE Products

GlobalPlatform Supported Configuration Options (SCO) form for Device Products

GlobalPlatform Supported Configuration Options (SCO) form for Applets Products

Non-Conformance Investigation Agreement

Trademark License Agreement
Consulting Services License Agreement

Test Materials License Agreement

GlobalPlatform TestFest Q&A

GlobalPlatform acts as registration authority for all qualification claims. It has launched a dedicated compliance secretariat which manages the issuance of the compliance trademark to test tools and laboratories, as well as oversee product certification. For an overview of the secretariat's role and the processes implemented by GlobalPlatform to manage this program, download An Introduction to GlobalPlatform Compliance Secretariat . To contact this body for further information, please contact secretariat@globalplatform .org .
Other useful legal materials that apply to this process include:

These documents are subject to updates and revision and should be regularly monitored on this page: Program Updates.