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Operations Bulletins

Date Description Download
January 2018 Bulletin N°16: Self-testing: Registration and Publication of fully compliant Products Download
March 2018 Bulletin N°15: XML Test Report Signature – Effective March 1st, 2018 Download
June 2017 Bulletin n°14: UICC and CIC Test Suites Activation Download
March 2017 Bulletin n°13: Card SCO in pdf format only Download
August 2016 Bulletin nº12: Regression Testing Download
June 2016 Bulletin nº11: Test Suite Activation Download
July 2015 Bulletin nº10: Renewal of Product Qualification Download
July 2015 Bulletin nº9: Change & Derivative Product Qualification - Regression Tests to be run Download
March 2015 Bulletin nº8: Products Qualification when a new Test Suite is activated Download
February 2015 Bulletin nº7: Using the ‘SCP03 common’ Package of the CIC configuration during a UICC v1.0 product qualification Download
November 2014 Bulletin nº6: Test Report Template Update Download
August 2014 Bulletin nº5: Optional SCP/Optional Cryptography Products Qualification Download
July 2014 Bulletin nº4: related to SWP/HCI tests Download
March 2014 Bulletin nº3: SCO Update (v2.0) related to UICC Memory Management extension and UICC SCP81 extension Test Suites activation. Download
May 2013 Bulletin nº2: SCO Update (v1.8) related to Multi protocols testing Download
February 2013 Bulletin nº1: Non supported options testing Download