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What Our Partners Are Saying

"As a stakeholder association, our ultimate goal is to guide the future of mobile, NFC and loyalty in payment and secure ID sectors. Our affiliation with GlobalPlatform is beneficial in extending the reach, visibility and networking opportunities for both ACT Canada and its members. With the recent migration to secure chip technology payments through the EMV standard in Canada, there are many exciting initiatives taking place which require global knowledge and skill sharing. We envisage that our relationship with associations such as GlobalPlatform will continue to influence our regional activity and the secure, ubiquitous and interoperable future of chip technology and solutions."

"We have had an established relationship with GlobalPlatform for a number of years to ensure effective use of our collective resources to promote the value of chip technology. During this time we have cooperated with GlobalPlatform on a promotional basis, communicating each other’s efforts to increase and stimulate discussion throughout the smart card industry. Cross-industry collaborations of this nature ensures best practice knowledge and expertise is shared which is incredibly important within an environment that is evolving at such a significant pace. "

"GlobalPlatform has been a longstanding partner of ETSI's Technical Committee Smart Card Platform (TC SCP). Its Card Committee has been working with us on enabling multi-application and multi-actor schemes on the UICC. The synergetic work between the two organizations resulted in the timely availability of standards for new functions and features required by the converging markets and it provided, at the same time, an excellent interoperability. This has also led to a tremendous market penetration of the specifications of the two organizations."

"The cooperation between the European Payments Council (EPC), representing the banking industry in relation to payments, and GlobalPlatform promotes the creation of a standardized and interoperable mobile ecosystem. This important cross-industry cooperation supports the EPC’s objective to establish the mobile channel as a launch pad for the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) payment schemes. As a result, banks are encouraged to fully explore the mobile channel when delivering SEPA services to their customers. The liaison between the EPC and GlobalPlatform ensures that the work on mobile payments of each organization is aligned as far as possible."

"GlobalPlatform and the Smart Card Alliance have a longstanding relationship which combines resources where appropriate to promote the benefits of smart card technology globally, and with a particular focus on America. The close working relationship aims to support stakeholders that are considering, or have implemented chip technology by educating them on the industry resources available, such as standards, specifications and solutions. This collective knowledge greatly enhances the decision-making process of organizations operating within this industry and enables the creation of a sustainable and scalable ecosystem. With current attention on the US’ potential migration to EMV technology, NFC mobile payments, and open payments for transportation, and multiple government e-ID initiatives, and the market developments required to support the deployment of this technology, collaborative relationships such as this one have never been more important. "