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Our Mission

To develop specifications that enable collaborative and open ecosystems where digital services and devices can be trusted and managed securely while privacy is supported.

Our Vision

To create fully collaborative and open ecosystems in which all stakeholders can efficiently deliver innovative digital services, while providing greater security, privacy, simplicity and convenience for user.

Our Guiding Principles


  • To maintain the stability of specifications and configurations while addressing new and evolving market requirements.
  • To provide a security architecture with flexibility to support different market requirements on the same secure component.
  • To remain form factor and network agnostic and allow implementation on a wide range of devices.
  • To develop and maintain a certification program, allowing stakeholders to verify product adherence to the organization’s specifications.


  • To develop materials that educate how GlobalPlatform Specifications can support the delivery of digital services in different markets for consumer and industrial use cases.
  • To host technical trainings and business seminars that equip stakeholders with the knowledge to accelerate deployment of solutions based on GlobalPlatform technology.


  • To promote GlobalPlatform’s vision, mission and its position as a leading member-driven industry body.
  • To deliver a communications program that reinforces GlobalPlatform’s value proposition across stakeholders, market sectors, and geographies.


  • To retain and grow a unique and active membership base, which has representation from across the entire technology ecosystem and which brings together expertise from multiple markets.