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Systems Committee

The Systems Committee aims to define open specifications that can be used for the back-office infrastructure for the deployment and management of one or more embedded applications on secure chip technology. The group creates an industry and technology neutral application management environment which is able to support all market requirements, with specific support for secure chips based on GlobalPlatform Specifications.

The Systems Committee is currently chaired by Olivier Clemot, from Morpho. There are 33 member companies that contribute.

Committee Objectives:

  • To design systems specifications to support the deployment of secure applications residing in the secure element (SE) and trusted execution environments (TEE).
  • To develop, maintain and evolve the GlobalPlatform Systems Specifications and related supporting documents and tools, while retaining backwards compatibility with earlier technology releases.
  • To define the roles and responsibilities of actors within single and multi-application environments and to define the interfaces between those roles.
  • To define and develop the GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance Program, to facilitate interoperability within GlobalPlatform enabled management systems.
  • To work with GlobalPlatform's Task Forces and Card and Device Committees to define the role of GlobalPlatform's Specifications in relation to mobile wallets.

Beneficiaries of the Committee Include:

  • Issuers wishing to facilitate the secure and interoperable deployment and management of multiple embedded applications on secure chip technology.
  • Application developers wishing to create new, secure and trusted applications and services.
  • Entities involved in the development and deployment of systems supporting application customization tasks. This includes software and hardware vendors, personalization bureaus, application developers, chip issuers and parties providing services to any of these entities.
  • System integrators and other entities that need to understand or interact with an application management system.
  • Trusted service managers (TSM) that want to manage over-the-air (OTA) applications.

Systems Committee activities and achievements

2016 Activities and Priorities:

  • To liaise with GSMA on machine to machine (M2M) eUICC systems compliance.
  • To develop the E2E End-to-End Simplified Service Management Framework to support mass transit.
  • To update GlobalPlatform System Specifications with advancing deployment models: such as Internet of Things (IoT), M2M and subscription management – as well as enhancing the systems specifications to support the GlobalPlatform ID Configuration and Consumer Centric Model.
  • To develop a white paper outlining GlobalPlatform’s value proposition for the End-to-End Simplified Framework.

 Achievements to date:

Systems Committee Working Groups

Systems Compliance Working Group

  • To make recommendations for defining the compliance of GlobalPlatform Systems to the GlobalPlatform Systems Specification.
  • To collaborate with GSMA about eUICC systems compliance program.

End-to-End Simplified Framework Working Group

  • To create guidelines which incorporate the SE, TEE and mobile messaging specifications to ensure market clarity and ease the deployment of secure NFC services in an effort to reduce implementation time and cost.
  • To develop the E2E Simplified Framework to support mass transit.

TSM Working Group

  • To analyze the interfaces of the TSM with its ecosystem, i.e. mobile network operators, NFC service providers, and define a common, interoperable and secure messaging specification for implementers of TSM interfaces.
  • To develop and maintain the GlobalPlatform Messaging Specification for Management of Mobile-NFC Services to include the support of remote management of UICC and eUICC.

For further details or to get involved in this activity, please visit the member only website or contact secretariat@globalplatform.org.