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Card Committee

The aim of the Card Committee is to define industry and technology neutral specifications for the secure and interoperable deployment and management of multiple embedded applications on secure chip technology.

The Card Committee is currently chaired by Karl Eglof Hartel from Giesecke & Devrient. 45 member companies participate.

Committee Objectives:

  • To develop, maintain and evolve the GlobalPlatform Card Specification and related supporting documents and tools, while retaining backwards compatibility with earlier technology releases.
  • To recommend security evaluation processes and features to ensure that GlobalPlatform technology offers the highest levels of security.
  • To advance the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program, to facilitate and assure interoperability within the marketplace.

Beneficiaries of the Committee Include:

  • Issuers deploying single and multi-application technology that wish to manage their own secure chip while defining a policy for hosting application providers and proposing additional services.
  • Application providers who want to deploy applications on an existing platform.
  • Card manufacturers who deliver products based on the GlobalPlatform Specifications.
  • Trusted service managers (TSMs) that want to manage over-the-air (OTA) card management.

Card Committee activities and achievements

2016 Activities and Priorities:

  • To finalize the managing entity specification to support the management of multiple SEs residing in one mobile device in collaboration with NFC Forum and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).
  • To publish new versions of the Common Implementation Configuration, UICC Configuration and Consumer Centric Configuration (CCC).
  • To address the challenges faced when connecting different near field communications (NFC) ecosystems (NFC roaming).
  • To continue to work with the SD Association to finalize the smart microSD standardization and the contactless extension activity for the SE Configuration.
  • To develop configurations that support GlobalPlatform’s Privacy Framework Requirements Document.
  • To continue to liaise with GlobalPlatform Task Forces to understand long-term needs with specific reference to the consumer centric model and machine-to-machine (M2M) SEs.

To collaborate with GSM Association (GSMA), NFC Forum and EMVCo to standardize the NFC enabled SE. 

Achievements to Date:

  • Carried out work on restructuring the Card Specifications, including publishing an updated Amendment B (Card Remote Application Management over HTTP) and a new Amendment F (Card Secure Channel Protocol 11). Information was also moved between Amendment E (Card Technology Security Upgrade for Card Content Management) and Amendment A (Card Confidential Card Content Management).
  • Readied new versions of the Common Implementation Configuration and UICC Configuration for publication.
  • Updated the Common Implementation Configuration, UICC Configuration, Contactless Extension (UICC) and SE Configuration test suites.
  • Published a new test suite for the Contactless Extension (SE Config).
  • Developed new test suites for ETSI (SWP/HCI) and GSMA (eUICC).

Card Committee Working Groups

Card Specification Working Group 

  • To maintain the GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.3.
  • To develop updates and changes to improve clarity and correct errors within the card specification.
  • To enhance the card specification to meet the changing business and functional requirements of GlobalPlatform's members and the wider smart card industry.
  • To develop the Contactless Extension to Secure Element Configuration which specifies the implementation of Amendment C on an SE configuration.
  • To liaise with the SD Association to advance the SWP/HCI support in ‘NFC Interface Addendum’ v1.00.
  • To work with GlobalPlatform's  Mobile Task Force to support its efforts to address the scope of the consumer centric model and develop a specification
  • To work with the GlobalPlatform Identity Task Force to advance its Privacy Framework.

Card Compliance Working Group 

  • To make recommendations for defining the compliance of GlobalPlatform SE products to the GlobalPlatform Card Specification.
  • To maintain all aspects of the Card Compliance Program for GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.3.
  • To advance test specifications for compliance testing against GlobalPlatform market configurations.

Card Security Working Group 

  • To work with different entities to implement GlobalPlatform's Card Composition Model for SE with post-issuance capabilities in real-world use cases.
  • To generate a Card Security Requirements Specification for GlobalPlatform Card Configurations.
  • To ease the security certification of a GlobalPlatform SE.
  • To automate the process for creating digital letters of approval.

Multi Secure Element Working Group

For further details or to get involved in this activity, please visit the member only website or contact secretariat@globalplatform.org.