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> 23 Nov 15 - GlobalPlatform Specification Delivers Security and Time-to-Market Benefits to TSM Ecosystem
> 12 Nov 15 - New White Paper Highlights the Value of Standards-Based Technologies to Mobile ID Deployments
> 09 Nov 15 - GlobalPlatform Welcomes Telechips Inc. as Observer Member
> 06 Nov 15 - Executive Director Newsletter
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Watch our new animation which illustrates the benefits that GlobalPlatform offers to any service provider delivering secure digital services, utilizing secure chip technology.

With 150 GlobalPlatform-qualified secure components available to the market, check out our infographic which highlights the need for interoperability, the benefits of compliance to vendors and service providers and the status of the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program.

Watch speakers and delegates from our annual Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) conference share their insights on the advancing TEE landscape, the TEE Certification Scheme and the future of mobile security.

GlobalPlatform Compliance Program

The compliance program evaluates the functional behavior of a product against the requirements outlined in GlobalPlatform Configurations and associated specifications to achieve market interoperability. Find out more about the latest updates, qualified test tools and approved products.

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