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GlobalPlatform Device Technology TEE Secure Element API v1.0.0.9
This document revision introduces general SCP support and also Applet discovery capabilities to the previous TEE SE API 1.0.

This specification considers the GlobalPlatform Secure Channel Protocols SCP02, SCP03 and SCP11 as defined in [GPCS], GPCS Amendment D, Secure Channel Protocol 03 [Amd D] and GPCS Amendment F, Secure Channel Protocol 11 [Amd F] for the secure channel communication. Further protocols maybe considered in future versions of this specification. The design of the Secure Channel API also allows the usage of other secure channel protocols, even those which are not specified in GlobalPlatform.

In order to simplify the selection of Secure Elements, the Discovery API provides a discovery mechanism based on a search criterion (e.g. the AID of the SE Applet). A discovery engine performs a search through all Secure Elements available to the TEE. All Secure Elements which match the defined search criterion are offered to the TA. Then the TA can choose which of these SEs to use for selecting the SE Applet and performing the operations.

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