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Under Public Review

GlobalPlatform Device Technology TEE Internal Core API Specification v1.1.0.26
This document (a draft for GPD TEE Internal Core API v1.1) incorporates the enhancements to GPD TEE Internal API v1.0. These enhancement add optional support for ECC along with properties to better represent the version of the host TEE. In addition many minor ambiguities in the earlier specification have been resolved.

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Public Review Ends: 22 May 2014

GlobalPlatform Device Technology Secure Element Access Control v1.0.20
GlobalPlatform has defined a standard that enables several parties to independently and securely manage their stakes in a single Secure Element. This security model has allowed applications such as banking and transport to be deployed in a variety of situations. As these services reach the context of personal devices such as mobile phones, service owners start to leverage the device's capabilities to enrich their customers' experiences.

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Public Review Ends: 19 May 2014

GlobalPlatform Card Remote Application Management over HTTP Card Specification v2.2 - Amendment B v1.1.1.3
This maintenance update contains several errata and precisions to the protocol for Remote Application Management over HTTP and the related configuration parameters on a secure element.

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Public Review Ends: 07 April 2014

Availability of GlobalPlatform Technical Documentation:

Most of GlobalPlatform's technical documents are available for free download to all parties. A limited number of documents, however, are only available free of charge to  GlobalPlatform members, by logging into the GlobalPlatform member website. Non-members are able to purchase these documents via the Globalplatform secretariat. Certain components of the compliance program are subject to a licensing fee for both members and non-members.