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White Papers

Leveraging GlobalPlatform to Improve Security and Privacy in the Internet-of-Things - May 2014
This document is intended for professionals interested in the way that industries such as health care, automotive, and energy are increasingly making use of embedded technologies that allow for new forms of secure communication and data transmission. The intended reader includes product managers, business development personnel, or system integrators who have an interest in understanding the potential use cases–and related security concerns–that result from these connected devices.

GlobalPlatform's Secure Solution for Deploying Value-Added Mobile Services - February 2014
This document highlights GlobalPlatform's three key specifications (Secure Element, Trusted Execution Environment and System Messaging) which benefit the mobile services market by enabling end-to-end interoperability and security. Application of these specifications ensures the portability of services across platforms, the scalability of security across applications and devices, and end-to-end security and interoperability while leveraging proven methods and technologies.

GlobalPlatform On-Chip Services: Seamlessly Performing Payment Transactions within the Existing Transportation Ticketing Infrastructure - January 2014
This document explores how to work within existing transportation networks and ticketing processes to seamlessly deploy applications that require interaction between the public transportation and payment industries. For any solution to gain mass market traction, it must work within the existing infrastructure and allow ticketing transactions to be initiated either through the transportation network or the payment application.

GlobalPlatform Government Task Force Privacy Framework Requirements v1.0 - January 2013
This document discusses requirements for enhancing GlobalPlatform card specifications to support privacy as required for markets (including government) and mandated by various countries. It is intended primarily for the use of GlobalPlatform members developing GlobalPlatform specifications; for instance, for use by the Card Committee's Card Specification Working Group when defining additional features to enable privacy sensitive applications on GlobalPlatform cards. Additionally, it may provide representatives of government agencies with information about what can be expected from GlobalPlatform cards in future in respect to privacy.

A New Model: The Consumer-Centric Model and How it Applies to the Mobile Ecosystem - March 2012
This white paper details GlobalPlatform's vision to create an ecosystem that enables consumers to have ultimate control over which secure applications they want to use on their device. It addresses the current technological trend for a 'consumer centric model' and highlights remaining work envisioned to achieve the standardization and security required to make this concept a reality.

GlobalPlatform uses the white paper to outline its roadmap to support this model and how a verifiable level of security can be delivered for both low and highly-sensitive applications. Key to GlobalPlatform's envisaged work is the need to define an open and scalable infrastructure that encourages the proliferation of supplier agnostic standards-based technology.

The GlobalPlatform Value Proposition for Remote Post-Issuance Secure Access Modules (SAM) Management November 2011
As the number of onboard applications present on smart chips has increased, so have the authentication responsibilities of the Secure Access Module (SAM), as well as the complexities of the processes involved. This has meant that implementing changes to the SAM have, to date, only been applied pre-issuance.

This white paper details how post-issuance 'over-the-air' management of the SAM can be achieved in a standardized and interoperable manner. This will eliminate the need to issue new chips with each SAM update, and enables the keys and certificates for each onboard application to be updated without interfering with those of other parties.

The GlobalPlatform Value Proposition for the Trusted Execution Environment February 2011
Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology has evolved as a result of security concerns in the mobile handset market, particularly with reference to digital rights management and finance applications. The TEE provides a path to resolving security needs while still supporting the key performance required.

This white paper provides an overview of the technology and explains how the TEE works independently in a separate environment alongside a rich operating system such as Android, Windows Phone 7, LiMo, iOS and webOS to provide high level security services for corporate environments, content management, mobile payments and service deployment. A key learning from the paper is GlobalPlatform's objectives to standardize the TEE environment, which will simplify implementation and support multiple business models to ensure long-term market stability.

The paper will be of interest to all those operating within the mobile services sector including service providers, mobile network operators, operating system and application developers and device manufacturers.

GlobalPlatform's Requirements for NFC Mobile: Management of Multiple Secure Elements February 2010
In the near future, NFC contactless enabled mobile phones are expected to become ubiquitous. They will act as payment cards, transportation tickets, loyalty cards, access control badges and offer many other contactless services. Several pilots are already in progress worldwide but these are typically in closed environments, or limited in scope and the number of players involved. The GlobalPlatform Mobile Task Force decided to analyze potential implications of managing multiple secure elements in the same handset. This document details the findings of this investigation.

GlobalPlatform's Value Proposition for the Public Transportation Industry: Seamless, Secure Travel Throughout Multiple Transportation Networks November 2009
This white paper explains how GlobalPlatform technology can add value to the subscription and management of e-ticketing solutions. The document is of interest to public transport operators, transportation authorities, fare management system integrators, equipment providers and consultants advising on the implementation of e-ticketing programs. The paper outlines how GlobalPlatform Specifications enable three applications to sit securely in a mobile phone payment, transit and GSM. This allows the mobile device itself to become a transport ticket, permitting users to miss queues by 'tapping' their phone at terminals to gain access to transportation networks. This concept could support uninterrupted travel between cities or entire countries, as users can download travel tickets appropriate to the city they are in. It can also allow the management of additional customer services such as timetable access or bike rental.

The GlobalPlatform Proposition for NFC Mobile: Secure Element Management & Messaging April 2009
This white paper gives an overview of the technical foundation created by GlobalPlatform for the management of multi-application, multi-actor and multi-business model NFC implementations and details how GlobalPlatform Specifications are able to support all roles in the NFC ecosystem. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of each player in the maintenance of an end-to-end security chain, for managing over-the-air applications. The document also presents GlobalPlatform's plans to develop future specifications for this market, and illustrates how GlobalPlatform adds value to different NFC business relationship models.

Interested parties who wish to read this white paper are advised to reference and download the GlobalPlatform UICC Configuration. This is the implementation guide for deploying GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.2 within the mobile services sector and managing the secure delivery over-the-air of new applications.

The GlobalPlatform Value Proposition for Biometric Match-on-Card Verification March 2009
This white paper explains how existing GlobalPlatform Specifications can add value to biometric match-on-card verification solutions from research and development cost-savings and improved time to market, to compliance with industry security requirements. Of interest to government officials, project managers and consultants advising on the implementation of biometric match-on-card programs, as well as technical smart card audiences, the paper details how current GlobalPlatform technology enables the deployment of a secure, interoperable and flexible biometric match-on-card solution.

The GlobalPlatform Value Proposition for Identity Management - November 2007
This white paper, incorporating a use-case scenario, explains the value GlobalPlatform Specifications bring to smart card based government ID programs worldwide. It outlines the advantages of deploying GlobalPlatform's open and interoperable card management infrastructure, and provides an overview of how and where GlobalPlatform technology is applied across an ID management program and to what effect.

GlobalPlatform's GPD/STIP Solution for Mobile Security - August 2007
This white paper outlines the relevance and importance of GlobalPlatform's device technology - the GPD/STIP Specifications and the Device Application Security Management (DASM) Specifications - to the global mobile telecoms sector and the secure deployment of handset applications.

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