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January 2011


It was wonderful to see that the GlobalPlatform meetings in Paris were so well attended by members last month, despite the snow and the resulting transportation delays.  Presentations were informative, new proposals provided opportunities for candid discussion and the outcome of meetings will help shape the direction and priorities of the organization in the year ahead.

GlobalPlatform hosted the following meetings in December:

  • Mobile Task Force
  • Government Task Force
  • Advisory Council
  • Card Security Working Group
  • Card Specifications Working Group
  • Card Committee
  • Device Committee
  • Systems Committee
  • All Member Meeting
  • Board of Directors

A very special thank you is extended to member representatives who were in attendance.  Your engagement in the organization is appreciated and I look forward to your participation when GlobalPlatform next gathers at the Cartes in Asia Exhibition and Conference, the week of 28 March 2011 in Hong Kong.  We look forward to seeing you there!

GlobalPlatform Announces Board of Directors and Executive Committee for 2011

On 10 December in Paris, the Board of Directors met and selected the following three individuals to serve on the Executive Committee in 2011:

  • GlobalPlatform Chair - Marc Kekicheff, Senior Business Leader of Chip Innovation within the Technology Office at Visa Inc.
  • GlobalPlatform Vice-Chair - Uwe Wittig, Group Vice-President within the Payment Division of the Cards and Services Business Unit at Giesecke & Devrient.
  • GlobalPlatform Secretary/Treasurer - Yves Moulart, Director of Development and Innovation within STMicroelectronics' Secure MCUs Division, Secure Software Solutions.

Additionally, the Board of Directors welcomed the following new member representatives this year:

  • Jerome Becquart, Senior Vice-President of Products and Services – ActivIdentity
  • Richard Orth, Director of Technology Architecture – American Express
  • Rémi de Fouchier, Senior Vice-President, Trusted Services Management Business Line - Gemalto

Finally, the following Board Members will continue to serve the organization:

  • Sébastien Tormos, Director of Marketing – Datacard Group
  • Christian Delporte, Vice-President, Head of Product Development, Chip Center of Excellence – MasterCard
  • Eikazu Niwano, Senior Research Engineer in the Service Integration Laboratories – NTT Corporation
  • Jean-Loup Dépinay, Program Manager, Research & Development Fundings (collaborative projects) – Oberthur Technologies
  • Sebastian Hans, Senior Standardization Manager – Oracle

I am sure you will join me in thanking these individuals for their commitment to the organization and for the important role they play in guiding GlobalPlatform forward.   

GlobalPlatform Appoints Strategic Director for Mobile

From time-to-time at the discretion of the Board Directors, Strategic Directors may be appointed from member organizations, to provide the Board with advice or expertise on a particular strategic issue or market.
During its annual strategy meeting, the Board confirmed it wished to appoint a Strategic Director from the membership to represent handset manufacturers in Board decisions and provide expert industry advice on the organization's mobile strategy through 2011 and beyond.

The Board is pleased to announce that Janne Uusilehto, Director/Head of Product Security for Nokia, has accepted this voluntary consultative position with immediate effect.

Janne will make recommendations to the Board on how the GlobalPlatform Specifications could evolve to ensure alignment with specific and emerging requirements of the mobile sector.  He will also assist GlobalPlatform in its liaison activities with other mobile industry consortia, ensuring mutual awareness and cooperation towards open standards and an interoperable technical infrastructure for mobile services.  Congratulations, Janne! 

Star Award Recipients Acknowledged at All-Member Meeting

At our annual All-Member Meeting in Paris, GlobalPlatform members who have made notable contributions to the organization in the past year were acknowledged. 

As a member-driven organization, we are grateful for the contributions of all our members, but wish to call particular attention to this year's Star Award recipients:

Card Committee and Card Compliance Nominee:  Yannick Pin from Gemalto – 'Making It Happen' category

Yannick has been central to the Card Compliance Working Group, managing multiple meetings and driving the quest to find the right solutions to move forward.  Yannick developed an Excel tool to analyze all test tool reports and generate all indicators that the group is progressing from TestFest to TestFest. 

Device Committee Nominee: Jean-Philippe Galvan, Texas Instruments – 'Collaboration & Teamwork' category

During 2010, Jean-Philippe provided strong leadership, pushed the Device Committee in the right direction and managed to maintain great spirit.  Jean Philippe, just like all GlobalPlatform members, is busy with his own organization's responsibilities; however he is able to pass on positive energy and direction to the group by providing constructive remarks that make a difference within the Device Committee and GlobalPlatform.

Device Committee Nominee:  Peter Harris of ARM – 'Making It Happen' category

Peter has performed outstanding work for the release of the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Client Application Programming Interface (API) Specifications, in both technical and editorial aspects.  He has brought technical expertise and also impartial quality to move the TEE Client API Specifications rapidly to a GlobalPlatform public release. 

Systems Committee Nominee: Philip Hoyer, ActivIdentity – 'Innovative Thinking' category

The Systems Committee has taken a new technological direction by migrating to OASIS.  This was not a simple decision, as the Systems Committee now needs to change the way it works in order to take into account the obstacles and constraints resulting from this new standard in the IT industry.  Thanks to the support of Philip, the Systems Committee's technology will be even more efficient for future users.

Systems Committee Nominee:  Patrice Amiel of Gemalto – 'Leadership' category

Patrice has demonstrated exceptional commitment, team leadership and technical skills that helped the Systems Committee team resolve the numerous Trusted Service Manager (TSM) Specification challenges, always as planned and in the most cordial conditions.

GlobalPlatform Appreciation Award:  Dominic Fedronic, formerly of ActivIdentity

Under Dominic's leadership, the Government Task Force (GTF) embarked on a roadmap that produced two white papers and set the direction for GlobalPlatform Specifications to be aligned with international and regional standards.  This will make it easier for governments around the world to point the language of their tenders in the direction of GlobalPlatform.  GlobalPlatform will miss his insight and vision not only in the GTF but on the Board of Directors as well.

GlobalPlatform Announces the Formation of a Consumer-centric Working Group

At the Advisory Council meeting in Paris, members expressed interest in furthering discussions on GlobalPlatform's role in a 'consumer-centric' environment.  A working group is currently being formed to define roles and responsibilities within this environment and its intention is to deliver a functional requirements document or white paper.

For several years, the (technical) smart card community has visualized a scenario where end-users purchase secure tokens and load applications of their choice – this is called the 'white card' concept.  Until recently however, there was no technical solution or real market demand.  The environment has now changed: branding opportunities can be offered to application providers via computer or smart phone screens and the token itself can be an unbranded micro secure digital (SD) card, secure element (SE) or USB token.  The success of the App Store and other similar offerings shows that end-users are ready to pay for access to value-added services.

GlobalPlatform technology proposes new deployment models such as TSM and Controlling Key Loading Authority (CKLA) on top of usual issuer and application provider roles.  With GlobalPlatform already offering solutions such as Amendment A and Amendment C and the Composition Model, the technical foundations are in place to address this 'white card' concept.

Members interested in joining this initiative are encouraged to contact the GlobalPlatform Secretariat.

Specifications Now Available for Public Review

The following system specifications are now available for public review and can be accessed directly from the GlobalPlatform public website.  These two specifications are complementary to each other and it is proposed that they are reviewed in parallel.

The public review period for both of these documents will close on Tuesday, 18 January 2011.

GlobalPlatform to Speak at the 2011 Mobile & Transit Payments Summit

GlobalPlatform will be present in two sessions at the Smart Card Alliance's 2011 Mobile & Transit Payments Summit, which will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA from 15-17 February.

On Thursday 17 February, I will be speaking about GlobalPlatform's UICC Configuration and associated Compliance Program during a panel discussion titled 'NFC Mobile Device Adapters' from 09:30 to 10:30.

Also on Thursday from 14:15 to 15:15, GlobalPlatform's Transportation Sub-Task Force Chair, Stephanie El Rhomri from FIME, will speak about global standards for smart ticketing during a panel discussion titled 'Innovations in Transit Fare Technology'.

If you plan to be in Salt Lake City to attend this gathering, please let Stephanie and I know.  We'd be happy to meet with you during the conference to update you personally on activities within the organization.

GlobalPlatform interviewed by ID World TV

While I was in Milan speaking at the ID World International Congress, I was interviewed by industry journalist Philip Stoten regarding the priorities of GlobalPlatform's Government Task Force and the importance of standards in the government sector. Visit ID World online to hear the interview.

With kind regards and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year,

Kevin Gillick
Executive Director, GlobalPlatform


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15-17 February 2011: Salt Lake City
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16-17 February 2011: Valencia, Spain
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13-15 April 2011: Singapore
GlobalPlatform members are entitled to a 20% discount


13-15 April 2011: Singapore
GlobalPlatform members are entitled to a 20% discount


14 April 2011: London, UK
GlobalPlatform members are entitled to a 15% discount


17-18 May 2011: Abu Dhabi
GlobalPlatform members are entitled to a 15% discount


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