TEE Use Case – Premium Content Protection

By Michael Lu, Business Development Director at Trustonic and Vice-Chair of GlobalPlatform’s Premium Content Task Force

Earlier this month, GlobalPlatform announced the launch of its Premium Content Task Force, which will look at how content will be protected on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. As a key topic for our ‘GlobalPlatform Presents the TEE: Next Generation Mobile Security for Today and Tomorrow’, let’s take a closer look at why the group has been created and how it will benefit the industry.


  • Security & functionality: When we say ‘premium content’, we mean anything from films and music, right through to e-books which users can download to their mobile device for a fee. Such items not only require a high level of security to protect against unauthorized distribution and access, but also a high level of functionality to deliver the quality features expected by end-users. The task force is therefore undertaking work to ensure that GlobalPlatform TEE Specifications support today’s premium content requirements and can be enhanced to deliver next generation functionality.
  • Rapid growth: There is a growing consumption of premium content on mobile devices and an increasing requirement for the content to be hosted in a protected and secure environment. The level of engagement from this community is visible in the speakers and panellists that are attending our TEE Conference in October, including Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures Corporation and Netflix. See the full agenda here.
  • Standardized approach: Stakeholders need to have clearly defined standards to ensure market consistency, promote product confidence and encourage a commercially viable ecosystem.


  • Clarifying requirements: The group is currently determining the requirements for the protection of premium content on a mobile device. The first use case assessed by the group will be the protection of the download, decryption of the file and rendering of the premium content in a TEE.
  • Industry liaison: To ensure we are not operating in isolation and understand the needs of all stakeholders engaged, we are working with content copyright holders, aggregators, technology providers and device manufacturers to further understand the security level needed to protect the content.
  • Value proposition: The new group will also work to understand the value for premium content in relation to device and user authentication, digital rights management protection, trusted playback, trusted link protection and downloadable schemes.

The task force’s work is answering a genuine industry need and we have been overwhelmed by the engagement received from the premium content ecosystem. The TEE is an adaptable technology and one that will bring significant benefits to the fight against piracy.

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