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It’s no secret that government agencies are a prime target for hackers and malicious attacks that cause wide-scale disruption. And the threat is increasing. Today, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of organized hacks happening at a state level as cyber criminals try to crack into countries’ online assets. One initiative which is growing in popularity and compounding the security threat landscape for governments is bring your own device (BYOD).

The growth of BYOD is in response to a worldwide government effort to increase responsiveness and efficiency. Allowing employees to use their own devices can increase productivity through enabling government networks to be accessed on the move. The security level offered by these devices, however, is becoming a real and critical concern for government agencies globally as they strive to ensure data is appropriately protected.

What can governments do to combat the security risk?

The trusted execution environment (TEE) is a technology which can be utilized by governments to enable the secure handling of confidential information on a mobile device. The TEE offers a level of protection against software attacks generated in the rich operating system (rich OS) and assists in the control of access rights. It achieves this by housing sensitive, ‘trusted’ applications that need to be isolated and protected from the rich OS and any malicious malware that may be present. Through utilizing the functionality and security levels offered by the TEE, governments can be assured that employees using their own devices are doing so in a secure and trusted manner.

How is GlobalPlatform supporting this sector?

The ability to securely support government employees in BYOD initiatives is a key topic for GlobalPlatform’s Government Task Force. As the workforce of government bodies and agencies continues to evolve to become more flexible yet more reliant on mobile technology, GlobalPlatform is engaging with governments to identify and understand its needs to standardize this environment, bring clarity to the ecosystem and support BYOD usage.

The task force is also taking steps to collaborate with its government partners to establish a standard security certification process for TEE implementations. Through standardizing the security certification process, the association aims to speed up the deployment of TEE technology, reduce implementation costs and ensure the ecosystem evolves in a trusted, secure and interoperable environment.

The role of the TEE in government and enterprise is a key topic being discussed at GlobalPlatform’s TEE Conference taking place in Santa Clara on 30 September. To register for the event, click here.


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